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wmhack Knowledge Maps for the Wikiverse!
#wmhack, 20 May 2017, 12:00-13:00, Room Powidl 
Hashtags:#okmaps #rp17

Shared Notes

Idea: Interface with Wikidata
Idea: Create automatic maps for [citation needed]
Idea: Use Open Knowledge Maps to help editors update Wikipedia entries

Idea: Wikidata as a place for collaboration, where people add and modify concepts
Idea: Use citations on a page as input, recommend further articles
Idea. Get Pubmed annotations
Idea: use map in a Wikipedia article to cluster references, show content in a different format

Plan: Open Knowledge Maps & Wikidata & ContentMine = better maps, better data
1. Createa base map for a topic (e.g. zika virus)
2. Use ContentMine to extract all facts for the papers in the map
3. Re-run the map with additional facts
4. Compare maps
5. Use top label for a cluster as main topics for papers on Wikidata