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UX Graz Meetup, Tue 20 Jun 2017

"Responsive Design for Designers"


  Herzl Weinstube
  Prokopigasse 12 / Mehlplatz
  8010 Graz
  tel +43-316-824300


  18:30  Start, round of introduction of all participants

  18:45  “Responsive Design for Designers”
         Oskar Bechtold

  19:30  Discussion

  20:30  Ideas and Input for UX Day Graz 2017
         (Sat 11 Nov 2017 at TU Graz)

  21:00  Participation in Meet the Meetups
         (Fri 15 Sep 2017 afternoon)
         Konrad Baumann will coordinate our participation

  21:30  End

Maria Luisa Rossi, CCS, Detroit, USA
Keith Andrews, TU Graz
Oskar Bechtold, TU Graz
Andrei Parvu, AVL, Graz
Fabian Gigler, FH Joanneum
Andreas Förster
Konrad Baumann, FH Joanneum, Graz
Werner Schwaiger, FH Joanneum

 “Responsive Design for Designers”
Oskar Bechtold

Media Queries

m. vs responsive

mobile-only, mobile-first, everything-first

Graceful Degradation
Progressive Enhancement

content choreography
Meaningful grouping of content

design in photoshop --> design in the browser

examples of many types of menus for smaller screens

decide on breakpoints based on whether content fits

do it in rems and ems, not pixels!


smashing magazine

rwd podcast

Meetup Notes

The informal notes of the meetup will be written both live and afterwards (anyone can edit) in the etherpad at:

Twitter: @uxgraz #uxgraz