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uxgraz-2016-05-24 UX Graz Meetup Notes

Tue 25 May 2016 "Technical Documentation"

Herzl Weinstube
Prokopigasse 12 / Mehlplatz
8010 Graz
tel +43-316-824300

Twitter:  @uxgraz  #uxgraz


  18:00  Start

  18:30  “Technical Documentation: Making Documentation Usable"
         Werner Schwaiger
         FH Joanneum Graz, Masterlehrgang Technische Dokumentation (TED)

  19:00  “Case Studies: Technical Documentation in the Real World”

         o Synnøva O'Gorman
           Hyperwave, Graz

         o Stefan Barowitsch
           Komptech, Frohnleiten

         o Christian Pschaid
           itl - Agentur für technische Dokumentation, Vienna

  20:00  Discussion

  21:00  End


Keith Andrews
Konrad Baumann
Werner Schwaiger
Synnøva O'Gorman
Stefan Barowitsch
Andrei Parvu
Hannes Robier
Peter Zurk

Meetup Notes

Technical Documentation: Making Documentation Usable
Werner Schwaiger

New MSc part-time in Technical Documentation, slated to start in Mar 2017 at
FH Joanneum.
extra-occupational (berufsbegleitend)
intended to cover the needs of technical writers
only two other degrees in Technical Documentation in Austria (Krems and Wels)
lectures concentrated at weekends

curriculum is on the slides

BMW in Munich Tech Doc has around 25 full-time and upto
100 contract workers

“Case Studies: Technical Documentation in the Real World”

Synnøva O'Gorman, Hyperwave, Graz

online help is modular, a linked hypertext structure,
it is no longer hierarchical

help button is context-sensitive

not just a html version of the pdf manual

search that works cf local search on web sites

appropriate level of detail, not too much and not too little

Stefan Barowitsch, Komptech, Frohnleiten

xml to collect and aggregate diverse sources of info

xlst style sheets to generate whatever format/version/language is necessary

3d  models, combined with metadata from product catalogs and various other sources

CatalogCreator, from TID Informatik, written in php

mobile server on a usb stick, local web serevr

create dynamic linked diagrams and vector graphics inside PDF

XVL player plugin for 3d models

Christian Pschaid, itl - Agentur für technische Dokumentation, Vienna

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