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uxgraz-2015-05-12 UX Graz Meetup Notes

Tue 12 May 2015 18:00

Herzl Weinstube
Prokopigasse 12 / Mehlplatz
8010 Graz
tel +43-316-824300

Twitter:  @uxgraz  #uxgraz


18:00  Start

18:30  "Eye Tracking at FH Joanneum: High-Cost to Low-Cost"
         Tobii X2-60, with Mobile Device Stand
         SMI ETG2 Eye Tracking Glasses  (≈ €30.000 including software package)
         The Eye Tribe Devkit (≈ €100)
         Tobii EyeX Devkit (≈ €100)
         Jochen Martin and Konrad Baumann, FH Joanneum

Ogama (OpenGazeAndMouseAnalyzer)
open source software

remote eye tracking, can track multiple people?

cloud-based analysis of eye tracking data

The Eye Tribe Devkit (≈ €100)
Tobii EyeX Devkit (≈ €100)

not really any analysis  software available, only an SDK
you have to write your own app

Tobii EyeX works fine with contact lenses and glasses

19:00  "Eye Tracking at Graz University of Technology"
         SMI RED
         SMI ETG2 Eye Tracking Glasses, with VR Module
         Usability, Game Design, VR
         Johanna Pirker and Keith Andrews, IICM, Graz University of Technology
         Roxane Koitz, IST, Graz University of Technology
         Volker Settgast, CGV, Graz University of Technology

ETG2 does not work too well with contact lenses or glasses,
correction glasses to + or - 4 dioptres are available

19:30  "Eye Tracking at Joanneum Research"
         SMI ETG2 Eye Tracking Glasses
         Real-time Attention, 2-D/3-D Gaze Mapping
         Michael Schwarz, Joanneum Research

20:00  Discussion

Attendees of UX Meetup, 12.5.2015, Herzl

Keith Andrews, TU Graz, IICM 
Werner Schwaiger, BMW, FH Joanneum, Institute for Journalism and Public Relations 
Michael Schwarz, Joanneum Research, Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (Lucas Paletta), project "FACTS" with KFUG
Konrad Baumann, FH Joanneum, Institute for Design and Communication, user-centered design; TUG graduate
Ferdinand, Codeflügel 
Kressimir, Bytepoets 
Roxane Koitz, TUG, Institute for Software Technology, Catrobat project
Elena, TUG Student, HCI tutor 
Stefan, TUG Student, currently in eye tracking project 
Markus, TUG student 
Patrick, Anton Paar, measurement devices
Kornelia (Conny) Hoffmann, FH Joanneum graduate, AVL
Isabella, web development company with her husband, design part 
Johanna Pirker, TUG IICM, game design, research 
Volker Settgast, Fraunhofer Austria, TUG Institute for Computergraphics and Knowledge Visualization
Jochen Martin, FH Joanneum, Institute for Design and Communication, research and development; TUG graduate
Florian Hasenhüttl, FH Joanneum, Knapp Logistics Automation, Hart bei Graz
Andrei Parvu, AVL, project leader, FH Joanneum graduate
Betty Davidova, FH Joanneum, incoming student from Czech Rep, Prague/Usti Nad Labem Univ.
Martin, FH Joanneum, Kapfenberg, Industrial Management
Astrid Tarkus, evolaris, FH Joanneum graduate
Karin Pichler, UXability, Carrot and Company, TUG graduate


LC Technology 2001 system 
EyeTribe, 100,- Euro, 2 cameras, 60 Hz 
Tobii EyeX, 100,- Euro, 3 cameras, interaction device 
Ogama - Open Gaze and Mouse Analyzer, FU Berlin, open software tool, integration for EyeTribe

Karin Pichler announces on Wednesday 20 May 2015 at FH Joanneum
Keith Andrews announces on Saturday 14 November 2015 at TU Graz
Keith Andrews announces the next UX Meetup on a Tuesday in September 2015 at Herzl Weinstube
Konrad Baumann announces from 14 to 18 September 2015 in Bamberg, Germany

21:00  End
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