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uxgraz-2014-05-13 UX Graz Meetup

Tue 13 May 2014 18:00

Herzl Weinstube
Prokopigasse 12 / Mehlplatz
8010 Graz
tel +43-316-824300

Twitter:  @uxgraz  #uxgraz


Keith Andrews, Graz University of Technology, IICM
Konrad Baumann, FH Joanneum UoAS, Information Design (IND)
Sandra Murth, Alysis, Vienna, FHJ IND graduate
Andrei Parvu, Senior UX Mgr, FHJ IND graduate
Patrick Reinbacher, Anton Paar, TUG graduate
Martin Hatzl, Anton Paar, FHJ IND graduate
Astrid Tarkus, Evolaris, FHJ IND graduate
Silvia Koch, Knapp Logistik Automation, FHJ Information Mgt graduate
Bernhard Sihler, Knapp Log Aut, FHJ IND graduate
Alexandra Pexider, BYTEPOETS, FHJ IND graduate
Jürgen Brüder, FHJ Information Mgt graduate
Craig Matthews, entrepreneur, Head of Sales and PMgt
Roxane Koitz, PhD student at TUG Wolfgang Slany, Catrobat project
Krasimir Hristov BYTEPOETS Project Management 
Carmen Häusl, FHJ IND graduate, CMI student
Christoph Mauerhofer, FHJ IND graduate, CMI student

Sandra Murth talks about taking place in Vienna on 16 May 2014
held as a barcamp
UXPro Austria recently founded as a community and legal entity (Verein)
Vienna IxD Stammtisch
Mobile Monday in Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna
OCG AK HCI+UE community run by Andreas Holzinger, MedUniGraz

Keith Andrews talks about a study about how people use their mobile phones.
Mobile Handedness

Designing for Touch
Josh Clark
Feb 1, 2012


Results of Mobile Phone Handedness Survey
Jonathan Stark
January 11, 2013

How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices?
By Steven Hoober
February 18, 2013

A Survey on Mobile Text Entry Handedness
How do users input text on handheld devices while nomadic?
Ahmed Sabbir Arif
IEEE Proceedings of 4th International Conference on
Intelligent Human Computer Interaction,
Kharagpur, India, December 27-29, 2012

Projecting a Mobile Phone:

Experiences from the UX Barcamp in Copenhagen [Andrei, Astrid]
The slides can be downloaded from
They took somee nice pictures of bicycles.
If you go by bicycle and want to stop you have to raise your hand. If you don't other bicycles will crash into your bike.
You can rent electric bicycles for 20,- Euro per day.
At this barcamp people had to pitch to give a talk. The attendees voted.