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sciencewg-apac-May2015 == Open Science Working Group APAC Meeting - May 2015 ==

When : 07 May 2015, 08:00  UTC (visit to convert into your timezones) - 16:00 Hong Kong/China/Singapore Time
How    : skype (there were requests for Jitsi, but everyone would need a webcam
Topic  : Open Science : How can we use Free Software, Open Data, Open Access & OER to foster Open Science
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Organiser : Scott Edmunds 

Participants requested to add their name and Skype ID below :
Scott Edmunds (s.c.edmunds)
Ranjith Raj Vasam (ranjithrajvasam)
Daniel Mietchen (daniel_mietchen) 
Chen-Yi Tu (armigil)
Joe McArthur (joseph_mcarthur)
Rob Davidson (bobbledavidson)
Naureen Nayyar (iamnora80)
Fabiana Kubke (superfabs)
Subhashish Panigrahi (psubhashish)
Richard Littauer (richard.littauer)

Kostas Repanas (krepanas) will be in japan so most likely can't join this call

Watching the pad:
Agenda :
1. Introductions - who is on the call and what is your interest in open science?

Hong Kong
Scott Edmunds/Rob Davidson - Open Data Hong Kong/GigaScience

Joe McArthur - Open Access Button/R2RC (newb to the call) 

Richard Littauer - MIT Media Lab
Naureen Nayyar - ScienceHackday Bangkok plus involved in WikiMania. Setting up Open Data ASEAN group (nice!)

Daniel Mietchen (OKF-DE & NIH) - making the research workflow open

Chen-Yi Tu - OKFN Taiwan

New Zealand
Fabiana Kubke - OA and CC in New Zealand

Ranjith Raj Vasam - Free Software activist and Open Knowledge advocate.
Subhashish Panigrahi - Free Knowledge activist, Wikimedian and Open Knowledge advocate

2. News/updates from your regions

3. Ideas for open science projects in Asia-Pacific region?

4. Meetings/hackathons/workshops

Need for an "events" page to let people know about open-sciencey events (especially in the region). OA week usually good showing events then, but need something for the rest of the year. There is already a very N American focused one, but they can give people here editing rights (any volunteers?): 

5. AOB?

Request from Jeroen Bosman we take a look & discuss their work cataloguing the >475 tools and workflows an open researcher can use. See and add info here

 6. Next call(s). Any volunteers? (None during the meeting, but feel free to add your details here or email)