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sciencewg-apac-Dec2014 Open Science Working Group APAC Meeting - December 2014

When : 21 December 2014, 08:00:00 UTC (visit to convert into your timezones)
How    : register yourself in http:/ (very quick - registration link is in bottom right corner) then log in and enter the open science room via the BigBlueButton budget on right of the page.
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Topic  : Open Science : How can we use Free Software, Open Data, Open Access & OER to foster Open Science

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Organiser :
Ranjith Raj Vasam ( )

Participants requested to add their name and Skype ID below :
Ranjith Raj Vasam
Peter Murray-Rust 
Scott Edmunds (scedmunds)
Kshitiz Khanal (not sure. Will attend if I do not have a class)
Sridhar Gutam (sridhar.gutam)
Chen-Yi Tu (armigil)
Fabiana Kubke (superfabs)
Naureen Nayyar (iamnora80)


Meeting Setup:
    Everyone can contribute a topic to discuss.
    We will follow through the agenda and conduct a roundtable on each item.
    Each person will be asked to comment unless they have nothing to add, to ensure everyone's views and ideas are heard.

1. Introductions - who is on the call and what is your interest in open science?
2. Ideas for open science projects in Asia-Pacific region
        Open Science Census ( )
        OKCon APAC and other regional events on open science

Growing the open science community

4. Next call