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Session 6

Title: Wikipedia & Wikidata as a workbench
    - Dierk Höppner
      - Fidan Limani
    - How can we make prhoper use of Wikipedia and other projects referred to that
    - Wikipedia and its sister projects have a very good google ranking
    - all data should be structured to make a use of them --> you need to have some strucutres / some overall guidelines etc. 
    - consensus on one platform to publish open data? should this be wikipedia?
    - connectivity is very nice with wikidata
    - an initial question: how could you bring your research project/data to wikipedia projects? Problem with that: Process cannot be shown in detail as it is an encyclopedia 
    - How much open research can you do on Wikipedia? --> There are very strict regulations on wikipedia
    - for research it is very important to have your name in the paper --> on wikipedia you can see everything step by step however there are lots of people included
    - wikidata is very easy to use -> not only for nerds but for everybody --> you can easily build your database