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Session 3

Title: Jupyter Notebooks
    - Dierk Höppner
    - Andreas Leimbach
    - Fidan Limani
    - Johanna Kuhnert
    * Short introduction and tutorial on Jupyter
    * Question to be answered: How is Jupyter working? 
    * Short introduction how it is working
    * Usage e.g. for documentation 
    * python code and other code can be integrated
    * Jupyter is working like any other editor 
    * How to start up Jupyter and create a new file
    * Get some CSV data and load it with pandas with Python
    * The whole Jupyter Notebook can be executed in one go, or you can go step by step (Shift + enter)
    * Such a notebook can be a great tool to make your research reproducible, send it to your colleagues or even host it online (e.g. GitHub) and then put  a link in a publication
    * Of course you can also publish a notebook and all its output in different formats, e.g. HTML (contains JavaScript only works with internet connection), PDF etc.; which is great for sharing with your not so-nerdy colleagues: `jupyter nbconvert *.ipynb`
    * A nice website to show interactive notebooks is Which can pull your notebook from a GitHub repo to show it online
    * Jupiter:
    * Many examples and tutorials on YouTube and other websites
    * Collection of "Jupyter notebook tools"