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                                                          PhD Cooperation Community 

As decided on the PhD Cooperation Event at  i-KNOW 2013 ( and i-SEMANTICS 2013 (,   we wanted to stay in contact and build a PhD Cooperation  Community.  This should serve the need to ask questions, which do not fit  in normal  mentor student discussions or exchange ideas, experiences and  book/  article references etc. We suggest to start off in this etherpad  and if  there is constant interest we would be able to provide a wiki.  Therein  we could not only store the gathered questions/answers and   experiences, but also invite you to take part in projects of the   WM-forum ( .

If you have a question or recommendation, please add it below and inform all member by sending an email.

So, state your email address below if you are interested.

Contacts of participants who want to stay in contact:

Interesting books and papers (please add link to reference if available)



Questions and Discussions

Exchange programs

Welcome to the Knowledge Pad for the i-KNOW / i-SEMANTICS / EC-TEL 2013 and 2014 PhD Cooperation Events!

The PhD Cooperation Event is held as part of the i-KNOW 2014 ( and EC-TEL 2014 (  in Graz, Austria. It takes place on Thursday, 17th September 2014, at 13:30-15:00h.

All registered participants of i-KNOW / i-SEMANTICS are welcome to this session.
We particularly encourage the following people to attend:

After some general introduction and welcome notes, every participant will have the opportunity to present his/her PhD thesis in a 5-minutes-each madness slot. All contributions are welcome, no matter if you only have a rough idea of what you’d like to work on, or if you have almost completed it. Afterwards, the group will discuss about the PhD research process and any questions that come up. This is a rather informal session with no fixed agenda, so we invite you to shape the topics for this session.
If you want to use PPT slides, please bring your notebook, or send them to beforehand.

After some general introduction, we'll have time for short (5 mins each) presentations about specific problems and discussions – please help us set up some interesting topics by adding questions and suggestions to this etherpad.

Current PhD research topics

Specific questions on PhD topics

General questions on academic life and PhD strategies

Additional ideas or comments?


Please get in touch with the organizers (Wissensmanagement Forum Graz,