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persistentsoftware List of initiatives, projects, papers, etc.
§  Code Refinery, NEIC
§  Helmholtz Workshop, November 2016
§  Report on Knowledge Exchange Workshop
§  Software Citation Principles. PeerJ Preprints 4:e2169v4
§  A Proposal for the Measurement and Documentation of Research Software Sustainability in Interactive Metadata Repositories,
§  Journal of open research software<>
§  Journal of open source software (JOSS)<>
§  WSSSPE (Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences) Reports,
§  Software Sustainability Institute UK
§  Top 10 metrics for life science software good practices
§  Engineering Academic Software, Schloss Dagstuhl
§  Improving Software Citation and Credit
§  Science Code Manifesto
§  Shining Light into Black Boxes
§  NIH Software Discovery Index Meeting Report
§  Software Heritage§  Software Carpentry
§  A guide to sustainability models for research software Projects
§  Differences between Software and data
data§  Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation
§  NCDD, DANS: Software Sustainability Report