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ots-jsfest OTS discourse thread:
nodeschool issue:
OTS Organisers Schedule:

* feedback
* more coaches
* [x] 20 places meetup, rest under the table
* show results after workshop
* mentors reply on OTS discourse - 10-12 optimum | decent js skills - no ninja required
 * leverage jsfest channels
* open badges?
* presentation of OTS and moderation of the day
* start 10:30 -11

next workshop ideas
* open badges

printed posters

* [x] co-up
* [x] betahaus
* [x] thinkfarm
* [ ] rainmaking loft
* [x] agora


* [x] Open Tech School Berlin
* [ ] Coder Dojo Berlin
* [ ] Rails Girls Berlin
* [x] Berlin Geekettes
* ~~[ ] [Hack&Tell #30]( )~~
* [x] codeforberlin
* [x] hackership - announced by Christopher



mentors to invite

* [x]

Learn and teach JavaScript & CSS during (OTS & NodeSchool workshops)

OpenTechSchool Berlin, NodeSchool Berlin and collaborate on two JavaScript and one CSS wokshops:

* Sat, Sep, 13th, 10AM @co.up
* Sun, Sep 14th, 10:30AM @co.up
* Mon, Sep 15th, 6PM @wikimedia

For both JavaScript events we welcome people who would like to learn as well those who already feel confident in JavaScript or NodeJS and would like to help with coaching/mentoring! If you have no experience with JavaScript please take part in OTS JavaScript for Beginners on Sunday before joining NodeSchool workshop on Monday. In case you already know JavaSript but have never worked with NodeJS, please consider joining as coach/mentor on Sunday and then as learner on Monday :)

If you like, you can also download this simple black&white poster to help with further promotion:

Everyone can participate in all those workshops without any fees - powered by culture of sharing knowledge and community spirit \o/

We look forward to seeing you during

Stephen (grncdr) (stephensugden) trello
Gio (anaketa)
elf Pavlik (elf-pavlik)
Stefan (Autarc)
Martin (xMartin)
Thomas (tp42)
Stephan (staeff)

Mainhard (+Taeyeon as learner)
Jun (can come after lunch if needed)