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opendevaus Discussions among Open Knowledge AU Melbourne Ambassadors at datahack meetups in early 2014 led to plans to document projects with Australian links relevant to the Open Development Working Group. The idea is to give Australians interested in Open Knowledge for development ways to get involved. 

To do this, Cobi Smith hosted drop-in workshops as an Open Knowledge open development topic ambassador 3-6:30pm Monday-Tuesday 13-14 October 2014 in the ThoughtWorks BORG room at Level 23, 303 Collins Street in Melbourne. 

On Monday Cobi and Steve talked about (issues repo at ) and Wikimedia projects. On Tuesday Steve, Cobi, Patrick and Lachlan also discussed,, fellowships,,, as well as challenges in open health and related projects such as

To get a sense of what we mean by open development, check out or upcoming open development events worldwide: If you can't participate in person you can still contribute to digital documentation here. 

List of open development projects Australians can get involved with now:

feel free to add more.

Open questions;