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HOMEWORK - help survey open data initiatives in the Nordics + Estonia to help with the Nordic OK Roadshow
    Motivation : 
        It'd be good to figure out what open data related resources there are in different countries/cities, for the Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow. It'll help figuring out who can be brought by you to the event in your country/city. Please help fill in the information and it'll be a big help for planning ( and visibility! ).
    Fill things in here:
        The different Nordic countries + Estonia are listed here - please fill it in :
            -> <-

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  Tuesday 2015.03.03  -  10:00 CET  ------

Call time:
    10:00 CET 3rd March, Tuesday

Attending:  PLEASE write your contact details ( incl. skype details ) and we'll call you
    - Status after Open Data Day 2015 ( 21.2 2015)
    - Nordic Open Data Week ( 29.5 - 8.6 2015 ):
    - How to organise Nordic Open Data Week - on a Nordic and very much country-level?

The issue of finances - how to get funding for proper events

Coordination document system needs:
    - Tracking people 
    - Tracking projects
    - Tracking brainstorming/ideating projects 

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  Tuesday 2015.02.17  -  10:00 CET  ------

Call time:
    10:00 CET 17th February, Tuesday

Attending:  PLEASE write your contact details ( incl. skype details ) and we'll call you
    - Nordic Open Data Week ( 29.5 -7.6 2015 ):  (also internet week at Arhus ) ( miska: yes, the timing is not an entire coincidence ;) 
        - Detailing this 
        - Organising activities
Meeting notes:
    - Sanna's organising an Open Glam event together with the Museum of Contemporary Art (SMK, in Denmark, at the end of May. (May 29)

Open questions:
    - Budget in each countries 
    - Participating cities? 
    - Is there a description of the Nordic Open Data Week?  (Gov of Den/Nor/Swe are working on this?)

Finnish government links/contacts? -> will depend on the call

- Producing a description of the Nordic Open Data Week (Miska and others)
- Writing a project plan, objectives of the Week?
- Should we try to apply funding for the coordination?  (Sanna, who else?)
- Contact Swedish Wikimedia, OK and CC people and try to get them involved (Sanna)

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  Tuesday 2015.01.20  -  10:00 CET  ------

Call time:
    10:00 CET 20th January, Tuesday

Attending:  PLEASE write your contact details ( incl. skype details ) and we'll call you
    - Catching up on where we are.
    - Planning that Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow
    - Planning the Inter-Nordic hackathon
    - Seeing is something can be done with
    - Open Data Day 2015 is February 21, any plans brewing?

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  Wednesday 2014.10.29  -  10:00 CET  ------

Call time:
    10:00 CET 

Attending:  PLEASE write your contact details ( incl. skype details ) and we'll call you

Not attending

-----  Call content :  ------- 

Inter-Nordic hackathon : Miska talked to Hack for Sweden :

Possible days for the OK Nordics Roadshow:
    - Iceland … <looking for dates>
    - key to avoid the dates for the other hackathons in the respective countries, e.g. startup Iceland in Iceland.

Various reflections and ideas : 

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  Wednesday 2014.10.15  - 10:00 CET ------

Call time:
    - We're having a meetup on Skype ( it's good at avoiding evil firewalls) so please add your contact details below and I'll add you to the call when the time is right.

Homework for next time : OK Nordic Roadshow:

Inter-Nordic hackathon:
    - Date : same as hackforsweden : 14-15th March ? 
    - Data : we should think of what kind of data we can cooperate on. Once we know which data the Swedes will be thinking of using we're in a better position to decide on which to use. Miska is waiting for the Swedish organiser Lagerqvist Anders  to reply to Miska's email asking for more details. Maybe Erik Borälv can help with coordination. 

Open data education inspiration : Italian open literacy project:
    - The Italian A Scuola di Opencoesione - -  open data literacy class through investigating cultural money use. It now has 100 highschools participating in the project.

- Nordic roadshow: can bring people from different countries to show/talk about best cases / good examples.

- Themes : 
    one can consider having different cities have a parallel track focusing on particular themes, in addition to local issues. These themematic discussions could become a reason to get people from several different countries together. The themes could include:

- Some ideas of what could be in a particular event...?!

What kinds of collaboration tools should we use to collaborate on building city events:

Possible cities, Norway:
        - Oslo
        - Bergen
        ¿ Tromsø - active - Kostas checks.
        ¿ Trondheim - a huge number of technical students - Livar checks. 

Possible cities, Denmark:
        ( How many cities exactly - how big is the open data/knowledge scene in Denmark again? )
        - Copenhagen
        - Aarhus
        - Odense?

Possible cities, Sweden:
    - Stockholm
    - Umeå
    - (maybe) Malmø

Getting more people involved - get a call out

People to contact:
    - Open Data Forum Oslo + Bergen
    - Open Data Drinks Aarhus + Copenhagen
    - University interface/user centered design people

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  Wednesday 2014.10.01  -------------------  
    - We're having a meetup on Skype ( it's good at avoiding evil firewalls) so please add your contact details below and I'll add you to the call when the time is right.
Interesting in attending:
 { notes : OK Nordics call 20141001 }

__At the meetup__: 
Livar Bergheim ( .no )
Heather Broomfield ( .no )
Markus Petteri Laine ( okf .fi )
Kim Bach ( okf .dk )
Per Fredrik Sjöberg ( okf .se )
Serdar Temiz ( okf .se )
Miska Knapek ( okf .fi/nordics )

- organising cross-Nordic hackathon - 14-15 March 2015
- Starting thinking about a Nordic edition of the Open Knowledge Roadshow concept that was realised in Finland, in now three editions.
- Homework for next time
- Next call : doodle

__Cross-Nordic Hackathon__

Government open data coordinators, in the form of Heather Broomfield ( Norway ), Erik Borälv ( Sweden ) and Catrine Lippert (Denmark ), in September, discussed the idea of holding a cross-Nordic hackathon, and then mentioned it to me. 

Getting cross-border open data sharing + development going
A concept that was mentioned as a possibility is to, use datasets about the same matter, local to each Nordic country. ( Comparisons of similar issues across the Nordic region, could also be part of this :) . 

While inter-Nordic collaborations on open data are a bit slow to get started, a cross-Nordic hackathon could be a good way to get inter-Nordic open data action on a government level going - plus also doing a wealth of good for cross-Nordic communities. 

15-15th March seems like a good time. Hack for Sweden is happening then and the gathering of hacking in Sweden could be a good opportunity to gather enthusiasts in other Nordic countries too.

Combining with the Nordic OK Roadshow
( please see notes about the Nordic OK Roadshow )
It could make a lot of sense to combine and integrate a cross Nordic hackathon into the Nordic OK Roadshow. Let’s figure out how to manage times and dates.
Some of the Nordic OK Roadshow events could, for instance, help prepare people for hackathon events.

_How to get going with this? ( consider this homework for next time :) 
- Please look at these tasks and either share your thoughts online, email them to me, and/or bring them up in the next online meetup.
- Figure out which datasets or these to consider. Eg. one could look at environmental, health, traffic, or business matters, whether or not exactly the same datasets exist across the Nordic region.
For some ideas of the data that’s available in Sweden, have a glance here:
and here:
- Try get some ideas about where one could do hackathons in your country, and the people interested in a hackathon? 
- Are there any special interest groups and/or NGOs which have some questions that could use clarifying using cross-Nordic data?
- Would one run some kind of educational days beforehand, where one can help cross-disciplinary teams understand the importance and use of other team-members’ knowledge? - Eg. about programming, design and humanistic matters.

__Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow : first thoughts __

Background : 
OKF Finland suggested it’d be great to repeat the Open Knowledge Roadshow concept that is now being realised for the third time in Finland, in a Nordic edition.
The Open Knowledge Roadshow concept in Finland has a focus on building local open knowledge interested communities and exchanging ideas about open knowledge between localities. By building a open knowledge event together, local communities strengthen and knowledge is shared…. openly :) 
In each city, the local city council and/or university was contacted and asked whether they would welcome an Open Knowledge event happening in their cities. Typically they’d say yes and would also provide space for the event, plus maybe some other support So, it’s a good plan to ask the local cities/universities.

Thoughts on this:
- Let’s integrate the cross-Nordic hackathon into the OK Nordic Roadshow. At least put it into the schedule, at best, integrate it with some of the local events.
- The EARLIEST event is 6 MONTHS FROM NOW. So there’s still time until we worry ourselves to bits :) 

What can be a roadshow event?
This is very open to local organisation - to strengthen local communities - but here are some ideas:
- Think about trying to get as many people as possible inolved with making the 'open data ecosystem', into the same room. So, that might include holders of data, those interested in and/or needing data, government agencies dealing with data, those educating about data, those designing ways of accessing data ( i.e. software/interaction/service design people, etc.. ). 
- Speakers from other regions offering ‘success stories’ of various open data/knowledge related matters. 
- Community organisation/activation speakers.
- Data tools / concept + design development teaching.
- Hackathons using local data.
- Workshop : engendering data literacy - eg. School of Data.
- Workshop : making consultation processes regarding data releases.
- Workshops to investigate local problems and how they could be eased through open data solutions.
- Workshops to investigate the utility of open data for local businesses.
- Academia : people thinking about or already including open data in their teachings/studies.
- Academia : design and software development teachers/specialists about  the importance of human centered design in service development. 
- NGOs using or thinking  using Open Data/Knowledge. Eg. parliamentary monitoring organisations, environmental organisations, international development organisations, etc…

What do to now? / HOMEWORK
- List the open knowledge/data related projects there in a given country.  This would be helpful for figuring out who might be relevant to present something in a different city or country.
- Figure out which cities would be relevant.
- Figure out who relevantly interested people - even people who might not be interested in the topic now, but for whom it could be very relevant - in the various cities.

Help figure out the Nordic OK resources here please :

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  Wednesday 2014.09.03  ---- 14:00 Central European Time  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    - We're having our meetup on Skype ( it's good at avoiding evil firewalls) so please add your contact details below and I'll add you to the call when the time is right.

    - Planning a Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow ( please see the notes from the previous call re: what it's all about ).
    - Planning a Nordic School of Data (also more details below ).
    - FOI-sites in the Nordic, principles and cooperation
    - Planning on figuring out how to get less rain in the Nordics… puuuh... - How we can work for more OpenSustainability?


    - Mattias OKFSE
_____________ Meeting Notes -

> Only two attending according to this pad (myself and Miska) and as Miska is unfortunately unable to attend I think it means the meetup is canceled :(

Pre-notes: Mattias: I am doing a 2 hour "School of Data"-ish workshop for total beginners at the KaosPilot school in Aarhus. Will probably be working with OpenMapping through OpenStreetMap. Will try to involve Michelle Bach from the Aarhus Municipality for future work. 

------------------------   OK Nordics online meetup -  2014.08.06 : 12:00 Central European Time (GMT+1) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Calling : 


    < Please add your ideas! >        
    - Nordic School of Data
    - Reflections from the OK Festival    
    - New people we met at the OK Festival    
    - Froide
    - Code 4 Sweden/Nordics        
    - Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow

______ Meeting notes:

Avoin Suomi / Open Finland
15-16th September - Event organised by the Finnish Government and OKF Finland, looking at how to build Finland using open principles. 
Invitations to the event are available on request - just ask Miska or Jaakko. 
The first day’s presentations are in English, but most the event and discussions are in Finnish. The programme is here:

Peter Krantz is part of an interesting open data practices effort - Share-PSI effort :
<quote from the site>
Share-PSI 2.0 is the European network for the exchange of experience and ideas around implementing open data policies in the public sector. It brings together government departments, standards bodies, academic institutions, commercial organisations, trade associations and interest groups to identify what does and doesn't work, what is and isn't practical, what can and can't be expected of different stakeholders.

Peter hoping there’s a shift in the Swedish authorities’ pespective on Open Data 
Though the Swedish government has mostly looked at Open Data as something for business, but there’s an important need for and interest in open data being used for governmental and societal transparency. 

Swedish elections slowing things until after September
Peter Krantz mentioned that he’s mentioned the OK Nordics cooperation to government officials and they’ve sounded rather interested. 
Of course, Sweden is waiting for the outcomes of the next elections - 14th September - for projects to be started, so we’ll see what happens after the elections.

Trying to realise a Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow ( and the network generally ):

Jaakko and Miska discussed looking at running a Nordic edition of the Open Knowledge Roadshow that has been run in Finland earlier. 
This can be a good way of keeping people connected and launching projects. 

( The Open Knowledge Roadshow, as realised in Finland, involved connecting with open knowledge communities and stakeholders in six Finnish cities. 
In each city, local activists have been connected with, their activities have gotten support, and various workshops have been arranged, with seminars summarising the workshop outcomes as well as presenting the other relevant facets and initiatives of open knowledge/data to locals and local stakeholders. Both locals and other OK interested people from all over Finland have been involved in each city.
The programme for each city is made to accommodate local needs.
The activities have included hackathons to strengthen the skills of local coders and enabled some gratification on newly released data. Workshops on various facets on open data use have also been held with local interested parties and stakeholders. Presentations of the workshop outcomes and relevant OK topics have followed the workshops.

The outcomes of these roadshow events have led to regional OKF chapters having started in each of the cities, and local stakeholders have been strengthened in their activities. )

There seemed to be general agreement that one could use the Open Knowledge Roadshow as a possible launch / proposal platform for various common Nordic initiatives, such as a Nordic School of Data, building on the Finnish 6-pack idea, Code4Nordics, etc..

Peter mentioned it’s worth having a look at Nordic Council funding, eg. these

Börje kindly suggested that we make a collaborative documents online, regarding both the Open Knowledge Roadshow and School of Data ideas, such that different people can contribute, even if they can’t always make it to the meetings. 

Serdar mentioned he’s got some contacts in Helsingborg and Umeå who could be useful connections.

Regarding funding the adventure, there are the Nordic Council fund mentioned by Peter Krantz earlier. 
Mattias Axell also mentioned : I see a imagine of possibilities running School of Data +  Code4Nordics (& national campaigns e.g. Code4Sweden) in the roadshow together with e.g. in Sweden - Foundation for Internet Infrastructure (.SE), Digidel,
we can get money from:

Peter and Serdar also mentioned the EGovLab initiative, as a possible partner. They’re looking at open information access and governmence, but open data/knowledge would also be quite relevant here.
EGovLab is based in Kista ( near Stockholm ) so it’d be easy to network with.
From their site:
“The eGovlab aims to develop societal ecosystems that recognize and respect, as a fundamental right, the unhindered access to information and the right to take part in decision-making processes. eGovlab promotes a model of society that ensures and safeguards that the means for access are provided and distributed equally across all sectors of society and to all citizens, irrespective of their gender, class, creed, religion, ethnicity or origin.

Launching the OKF FOIa request platform Froide in the Nordic region
Karin wondered about the plan for this. 
Jaakko mentioned that OKF Central and OKF Finland is looking at how the platform can be ‘packetised’ such that it can be launched easily anywhere. That’s a bit of the current hold-up to deploying it fully. There’s been collaborations between OKF Sweden and OKF Finland in deploying it. 
The target audience is mostly citizens. It’s to help them make Freedom of Information requests. Not so much for the government, but to help citizens get information from government. 

OK Festival suggestions : Google's Hyssen's notes on building OK infrastructure that lasts:
Peter also mentioned Eric Hyssen’s (Google) keynote comments from the OKF Festival - regarding the importance of creating a sustainable and sustained infrastructure for Open Knowledge, so we can go further than individual initiatives here and there, often reinventing the wheel.  Hyssen’s presentation notes are here:

Miska notes : Things that were discussed during the OK Festival meetup, that could still be realised : 
- Common OK Nordics mailing list
- Common OK Nordics blog

------------------------   OKFestival ( 15-17th July 2014 ) notes ------------------------------------

Satellite event :
16th July 18:00 at 
cafe/restaurant St. Oberholz,13.4022361,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47a851e4644a4b75:0xf49417256487121c

It's not too far from the festival venue, and quite cozy.

Who's going? - and when?!

{{ notes: OK Nordics meetup at OKFestival 2014 }}   

PLEASE NOTE :   There's a list of attendees below the meeting notes
PLEASE NOTE :   There's a list of attendees below the meeting notes
PLEASE NOTE :   There's a list of attendees below the meeting notes
PLEASE NOTE :   There's a list of attendees below the meeting notes

Please also check out:   
- Erik Borälv’s blogpost about the OK Festival with comments from Börje Lewin, amongst others  
- Peter Kranz facebokpost about the OKFestival:    

To do: 
- Get a nordic blog 
- Nordic mailing list?    

Questions and notes:  
/  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /    

Jussi Nissilä : Why does one pursue a Nordic collaboration, when there are many other possibilities for collaborations?  

Peter Kranz : In my discussions with the Swedish government, cases from the Nordic region have made more of an impact on the Swedish government than examples and cases from regions further afar, even if the cases might have been more interesting. The Øresund region, for instance, necessarily already shares data as were it one region.  The Nordic Council of Ministers has had a long standing cooperation. So there might be some possibility to extend this model into open data, if at least look for funding there.   

Niels Erik Kaber Rasmussen : Each of the Nordic countries is in an slightly different situation. One can make use of the differences to learn things.  And in a way, we have a common obligation to make use of the open data that we actually have available in our countries as opposed to many others one way to do this is to draw upon the bonds that exist between the Nordic contries.   

Jukka Aaltonen: The further north one goes, the more international the data becomes. The Barents region is of interest to everyone. [ So, it is a sort of forerunner of kinds, of uniting territories ].   

Christian Villum: Finland is ahead of us. If the rest of the Nordics can learn from Finland it can accelerate the progress of the rest of the Nordics.   Peter Kranz: Ville Meloni and me are part of a EU project to find good use-ases of op
en data.  Many countries look for open data cases that could promote business. It would be nice to see - and we might be able to provide it - more use cases focusing on transparency, corruption and opening budgets.  

Mattias: Yes, well, we think we’re all very free and transparent here in the North.  But the work with FOIa requests has shown that there’s a lack of transparency. There was large resistance to allowing electronic FOIa requests. Moreover, state companies are not covered by FOIa requests.   

/  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /     

( Outreach topic continued from the previous note Chrisian Villum: Many different other countries look to the Nordics for examples. Alas, this is hindered by our languages. We should really have a blog or a place to document things, written in English, so our knowledge is accessible… and that we can set an example to the world.   

Jaakko Korhonen:  We learn something new, every day, in each city. So it would be the same with the Nordic context.  

Jussi Nissilä: Right, we could use the blog to document and share learning experiences, and identify challenges.  

Miska : Many countries might look to the US and UK for examples, but the Nordic efforts have perhaps a more social perspective, that could provide a different track of inspiration for countries.    

/  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /     


The topic of public outreach was mentioned at the meeting. 
Several examples were mentioned. 

- The Open Knowledge Roadshow ( please see further below ) 

- Code4America has a rather extensive public outreach programme that could be learned from. 

- The DataDemo mini-grants competition. The DataDemo ( ) competition runs every there months - or so - and makes call for apps furthering democracy. The decision as to what projects to pursue is decided in a crowdsourced manner, if selected, a project gets 2000e funding up front, and asked to deliver at least a blog-description of the project. - Apps submitted to regional apps4 competitions can quite quickly be implemented and used in other regions, and *countries*, if they’re using standardised APIs.   

/  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /     

Open Data Roadshow  

This concept was mentioned during the OK Nordics meetup by a few people.  ( via Google Translate : )   

The Open Data Roadshow is a concept to help promote and spread knowledge about open knowledge and support local communities that were or could be interested in open knowledge. It  was realised through two editions, one in 2013 and one in 2014.   There are plans to do a Nordic edition - Nordic Open Knowledge Roadshow . What’s needed is figuring out which cities could be relevant, what interesting/interested local groups might be there. Some sponsorship would be good too.    

The description from the OK Roadshow webpage: “The whole tour aims to initiate and support open data related to local activities by bringing together interested in the subject in different cities. A six-city tour also allows the handling of issues of national importance, and a broader view of the formation. Second-level goal is to create a good framework for all mukaanlähtijöille (travel, accommodation, facilities, assistance in finding contacts, etc.) to implement their own specific objectives. Mukaanlähtijät can disseminate information and effective practices *, network with nationwide or come along to learn and develop their own timint. The tour can also be added naturally by leaving the cooperation between actors. Tour of the result of the opening up data and open information utilization activities related to increasing the target locations, and the best practices will start up between the urban regions.“  

/  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /     

Sixpack Strategy / 6aika - Open and Agile Cities Strategy   

This concept was also mentioned at the OK Nordics meetup.  Matti Saastamoinen amongst others is working on it.   Basically, it’s project to address sustainable urban development by means of Open Data and Interfaces, Open Innovations Environments, and Open Inclusion. It’s partly funded by the EU.  
There’s a description of the project on Forum Virium’s site:   
Official site:

/  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /     

Forum Virium  

( many Finns are from Forum Virium, so a quick explanation of Forum Virium is perhaps in order ) Forum Virium is a company owned by the City of Helsinki, to foster collaboration between the city and society, in the form of institutions, research and business, on IT issues. Forum Virium is like the interface between the city and parties outside wanting to collaborate. Forum Virium helps the city of Helsinki change, thorugh the use of open data, smart city concepts and visualisations. Forum Virium pilots and tests concepts.  #opendata, #SmartCity, #apps4finland, #harmonisation   

/  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  

People attending the OK Nordic meetup (at OK Festival 2014):   

Kristina Alexandersson 
Works at : at the .se tld foundation, internet in schools education, CC Sweden 
Does great things to raise digitial literacy and culture - discussions about and do free culture - in the form of Creative Commons activism.   

Pernilla Rydmark 
Works at the the .se tld foundation. 
Works with: Funding projects to develop the internet in Sweden. 
Every project they fund must have an open license, including research ( though this is hard to realise ).   

Mattias Axel Mattias
Active and a developer in OK Sweden.
Studies to be a Chaos Pilot in Aarhus ( Denmark), works with social entrepreneurship and software development.  
- Is in, which has and supports 5-6 local groups. 
- Helping translate the OK FOIA platform Froide to Swedish and deploy it there together with . 
- Open Glam 
- Also in the association of free culture.   

Börje Lewin 
Börje Lewin - 
Works at: Vinnova and the Swedish department of schools. 
Has worked with it and internet topics for many years, as an IT architect. 
Works/worked with: Swedish cultural heritage, semantic web : 5 star ratings, education.   

Erik Borälv 
Blogs about open innovation here: 
Works at Vinnova and Digitaliseringskommissionen (the Swedish Digital agenda,  Works with the Swedish national portal Funds open data related projects - 58 so far…!   
An analysis of funded open data projects is available at

Peter Kranz
Open Government Data manager, Sweden Works as a CIO at the Royal Library of Sweden.  
Has been active in the open data movement since around 2008, and has been consulted by the Swedish government and municipalities on strategies of opening data.    

Matti Saastamoinen 
Experienced Open Source and Open Data Specialist, Development Manager at Tredea. Works with furthering floss, Open Data Tampere (Tammerfors) region, apps4pirkanmaa ( the Tampere region), etc.. 
In Matti's own words: Experienced open source and data specialist working currently at Tredea Ltd. Coordinator of the Open Data Tampere Region project, Apps4Pirkanmaa [ Miska: the county Tammerfors/Tampere is in] challenge and a joint open data and open API project between the six largest cities (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku, Oulu) in Finland, started in July 2014. 

Miska's additions about Matti:
Special project: working with the ‘6-pack’ project, trying to further cooperation and openness between the six largest cities in Finland;  bringing open data culture and getting them to use more open data and harmonise standards.  It should then, if the cities use the same apis for their data, for instance, be possible to deploy the same apps in different cities as soon as the data and apis are up.   

Joonas Dukpa, City of Tampere (
- Works with Matti Saastamoinen in Tampere, assisting him.   

Kalle Utela (<< sp?) 
- Project secretary of Helsinki Region Infoshare ( ), the first large open data initiative in Finland. 
- CKAN. 
- Translating metadata into English. 
- Open data enthusiast.   

Tanja Lahti 
Helsinki Region Infoshare ( )
Project manager at Forum Virium ( part of the city of Helsinki). Helps produce arguments to open data and boost adoption.   

Ville Meloni 
Works as Programme Manager at Forum Virium ( part of Helsinki CIty ) furthering the ‘6-pack’ project and Helsinki Region Infoshare.  LOD, Open Innovation, Open collaboration.   

Pekka Koponen 
Development Director at Forum Virium, involved with open data projects since many years. #opendata, #SmartCity, #apps4finland, #harmonisation   

Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts @CitySDK_Hanna
Works at Forum Virium, and has previously worked with the Finnish Meteorological Institute on open data questions. 
Currently focuses on Smart City - city sdk - Harmonisation, APIs, 6-pack cities project, Helsinki Labs developer engagement.    

Jussi Nissilä 
Worked at the Finnish Institute in London organising the OKFestival 2012. 
Has a background in Economics and Business Administration, and is now working for the Oxford Research, which concerns itself with issues including open knowledge. 
The Oxford Research is one of the ‘indpendent review mechanism’ auditors of the OGP.    

Joona Lehtomäki 
Very active in the #openscience and #openaccess movement in Finland His Phd work involves applying quantitative spatial conservation planning methods into real-life forest conservation planning problems in Finland. Currently works at the Finnish Environmental Institute   

Timo Tuominen
Open Data enthusiast and developer at Helsinki City - code4europe fellow.   

Hami Kekkonen
Works at the City of Helsinki with Open Data.   

Jukka Aaltonen 
Open Knowledge enthusiast from Finnish Lapland, wishing to make an Open (Nordic) North collaboration.    

Stian Håklev 
From Norway, studying in Canada, with hopes of returning to Europe before long and take part of Open Data doings. 
He’s currently doing a Phd involving open education and open access. He also researches and runs MOOCs, edX, open learning analytics, predictive modelling (in learning analytics).   

Christian Villim 
Is an international community manager at OK Central, active in OK Denmark, runs an open licensed record label, and many more things.    

Niels Erik Rasmussen, 
Is active as one of the OK Denmark coordinators. Niels has a background in political science and works in a financial/political analysis bureau on a daily basis.      

/   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /    /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /   /    

------------------------   Notes from the call about starting a Nordic School of Data -  2014.06.18 : 11:00 Central European Time (GMT+1) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

        - Miska Knapek - infovis + Open Knowledge enthusiast coordinator in Finland - /  "mknapek" on skype / in the google dungeon :) 
        - Christian Villum - Open Knowledge Denmark - (google account for Hangouts etc.) / "christianvillum" on Skype
        [ Not present, alas] - Michelle Bach Mikkelsen - Project Manager at Open Data Aarhus ( / michellebachmikkelsen on skype , phone +45 41856641 
        [ Not present, alas] - Morten Wulff - Dagbladet Information / / "" on skype / +45 2147 8227
        - Niels Erik Kaaber Rasmussen, Open Knowledge Denmark - "nielserikkr" on skype.
        - Heather Broomfield…? the agency for public administration and egovernment, Norway
        - Serdar Temiz…OKFN Sweden  skype: serdar.temiz
        [ Not present, alas]  - Tryggvi…? OKFN Iceland
        - Hille Hinsberg ( OKFN Estonia? ) skype: hillehh,, + 372 56 473 193,, budget visual:


Ideas about what a School of Data could be - quick notes



    - Been talking about making an open data course/study group with other orgnaisations in .dk . But could try cooperate with the Nordics would be a very good plan.
    Here's our draft: (in Danish, sorry)
    - Mixed online offline acitivites. Eg. during the 
    - Horizon2020 might be a possible funding source. 
    - Also good to try find some international funding opportunities - eg. EU.

More notes:
    - Yeps, try do some quick wins. Eg. translate the OKFN School of Data course materials. 
    Then look at Nordic Council projects. 
    - Writing up an application, however small, would be a good tool for getting the process going. 

    - Make a particular package for different target groups. I.e. Journalists, civic servants, children, citizens.... 
    Propose a sort of training course structure. ... Try learn from making and fine tune things. 
Hille :
    - Mentions that there's not that much open data in Estonia. But they'll be launching an open data competition during the summer.... for all the data that's in peoples' drawers... i.e. the competition would encourage people to think about what data there is and what can be opened.

    - Thinking about how to do a common data sprint in different coutntries... even if the data is not open in all countries.
    Council voting data - national and local? we have national in Norway not local yet - same in Denmark, but we're pushing for open local council data...
   us too but not easy... 
    EP-electoral data
    Voting data from European Parliament or other EU-data...
    Statistics data
    ( Heather mentions that the hope is that the environmental statistics is put into the same data structure ).

    - How to get started : 
        - Do a data sprint on common data. 
        -  Another meeting soon after the summer's done. 
        - Check funding opportunities through the nordic council. 
    - Will check available and relevant datasets.
    - Will also check groups / civil society groups. - Check what's relevant for them ; network building.
    - Someone should be a main responsible hub. Makes coordinating a bit easier.

Call agenda…?
( friendly agenda suggestion for the meeting, by Miska )


- What are peoples’ visions?
        - Audience?
        - Content
        - Doings
        - Form?


- What are do people think should happen? 
        - Content
        - Doings
        - Form?


- Where to apply?
        - In what way?

- Who is involved
        - who knows how to apply for funding?

------------------------   Notes from the meeting on the 2014.06.04 : 10:00 Central European Time   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[[[  Summary of the OKF Nordics call on Wednesday 5th June, 10:00 CET ]]]

        - Miska Knapek - infovis + Open Knowledge coordinator in Finland - /  "mknapek" on skype / in the google dungeon :) 

Quick notes from Miska

Nordic School of Data call [soon] - 18th April, exact time TBD
- We agreed it would be a good idea to haave another meeting _soon_, about getting a Nordic School of Data initiative on the road. 
So, tentatively, the next group call is on Wednesday the 18th June, 10:00 CET. 
- As there are some that have other things to do at that time of day, we’ll try figure out some time that suits all. 

OK Festival Nordic session : yes, but as a satellite event
The session proposal to meet at the OK Festival was not accepted :( 
So we should plan a satellite event.   Christian kindly mentioned a good cafe not too far from the venue - St. Oberholz . Now we just need to find a good time where we can all be there. Expect a doodle poll on this soon.,13.401376,3a,75y,107.6h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s58xZ2TzsfwHB647pS0M_AA!2e0!6m1!1e1

Kim Bach on the beginnings of the open data scene in Denmark

( Please note that I have remembered things incorrectly - so please read this with a grain of salt… at least until Kim has offered his opinions on this ;)
Kim Bach outlined some of the history of the open government and data scene in Denmark. He mentioend that the IT-Political Society ( IT Politisk forening ) - and NGO - has historically been pursuing questions of openness in digital government administration, starting with the question of using open document standards in government, back in the 90s. 

The IT-Political Society - - has gone on to pursue other open government questions, and is now in regular dialogue with the ‘digitization group’ of the Danish government -

Kim mentioned he was involved with the IT Political Society in the 90s. 

( Again, please take the following with a grain of salt - my recollection of the meeting might not be entirely accurate … )
Notes from Heather in Norway
Heather Broomfield, from the Norwegian Gvmt Agency for Public Management and eGovernment ( i.e. also the department), reporting on the Data Journalism Day her department organised a month ago, and reflecting on extending the data journalism interest into a Nordic School of Data. She also mentioned her visit to the Open Government Partnership conference in Dublin recently. 

Data Journalism Day
During the Data Journalism Day 50-60 journalists, most of whom had not practiced data journalism, attended the event. OKFN’s School Data Team, in the form of Anders Pedersen and Michael Bauer, were there and ran workshops at beginner and expert levels. 
The focus of the workshops was to investigate company data, which has been opened in Norway, since around 2012.
In all modesty, Heather mentioned that there was quite positive feedback from the attendees, of the event. It definitely gave inspiration to start a larger School of Data effort in the Nordic countries.

Open Government Partnership visit
Heather had also attended the Open Government Partnership summit in Dublin recently - , mentioning there was an expressed increased interest in open data, especially in the idea of open by default.

Growing the open data/knowledge community in Norway
Heather also mentioned her department’s wishes and efforts to try to get more of a open data community going in Norway.  There are many people interested. The trick is how to get some more community action. 
Miska mentioned that regular meetups, with some speaker and/or theme and/or workshop, had been rather instrumental in getting things going in Finland. 

///////////// end of notes from the 5th June 2014 meeting  /////////

( These notes were made before the meeting : )
    Possible things to discuss :
Please add your suggestions:

[ Open Knowledge Roadshow - Nordic edition ]
 We need help finding Nordic cities to visit and local initiatives. Please help ;)
        Background : 
        OKF Finland would like to do a Nordic repeat of the public educational effort that was the 2013 Open Knowledge Roadshow. 
        This year and last year OKF Finland has worked on an outreach programme regarding open nowledge/data, called the Open Knowledge Roadshow. 
The Roadshow travelled to six Finnish cities, spreading knowledge about Open Knowledge and supporting local initiatives.
The Roadshow team included various Open Knowledge related initiatives, from outside OKF Finland, as well as from within. 
        Alas, most the documentation is in Finnish, but, well, Googel tranlsate does a fair job of translating the related webpages:
[ Froide ]
        OKF Finland is working on getting an instance of the German+Austrian Freedom of Information Request portal software going. OKF Sweden is now working in collaboration with OKF Finland to get its own instance. 
It’s Django based and it’s been translated into Finnish, Swedish-Finnish and Swedish-Swedish by OKF Finland and OKF Sweden (mostly Mattias). 
        Anyone else interested in getting a Froide installation going, is welcome to contact and collaborate with OKF Finland.

[ Satellite event for the OK Festival? ] 
        Alas, the submission for a Nordic OKF interested-folks meetup at the OKF Festival didn’t make it through. We should in any event meet up when we’re all in the same place. I’ll ask around to find out what good alternative venues might be.

[ Census of open government technologies ] 
        Jaakko Korhonen from OKF Finland, who also works at the Finnish ministry of Justice, is trying to benchmark open government technologies, for consideration of inclusion in open government processes.  Feel free to contribute here:

[ Political Decisions API ]
        There’s work at OKF Finland - by way of Raimo Muurinen happening to try develop global standards for political decision-making processes. 
[ Places API ]
        OKF Finland ( mostly Jaakko Korhonen ) is setting up a geolocation lookup server. This will openly provide the ability to look up addresses from coordinates and get coordinates from addresses. 

[ D-cent : decentralised open communications ]
        Some of OKF Finland is involved in developing the EU D-Cent platform,, providing a decentralised communication platforms for personal and app needs. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[  Ideas for the Open Knowledge Festival meetup : ]

Pros/Cons of whether to hold the OKF Nordic meetup as a pre-event / satellite event 
+ Holding it outside the festival will give us more time and perhaps a more chilled out atmosphere to meet. (miska)
-  Holding the meetup before the OKFestival might not make it possible for everyone to attend. (miska)

If the meetup is held before the festival, say within two days before the OK Festival, how many might not be able to come?
- put your name here if it might become difficult to attend the meetup if it happens before the OKFestival

Possible agenda items for the meetup, whenever it happens, around the OK Festival
-> General/Specfic topics / projects / collaborations to discuss

- Brainstorm possible projects to collaborate on. 
-- School of Data
-- Shared advocacy for opening of specific datasets
-- Inviting each other to speak at meetups (physically or virtually)

- Brainstorm collaborative forms
-- Nordic discussion list?

- Discuss sucesses/failures in getting an open data movement going, in regards to:

- Cross-Nordic hackathons
-- Could be a focus on School of Data

- Cross-Nordic work to open data 

- Shared campaigns?

------------------------   Notes for the next meeting on the 2014.05.07  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    - Miska Knapek - infovis + Open Knowledge coordinator in Finland - /  "mknapek" on skype
    - Christian Villum - Open Knowledge Denmark - / 'christianvillum' skype (note: will be in transit train/bus, so can likely only listen)

------------------------   Notes for the meeting on the 2014.04.02  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Please post the notes you'd like to make, for the 2014.04.02 call, here:
Told us about the recent and up-coming activities of OKFN-SE...

In DK it's been a little quiet since the Open Data Day. However we're planing a meetup to build our community internally, a sort of a hack-event related to the patent-system, a data expedition at the Click Festival in May. Also I'll speak about electoral data at an EPSI-webinar next week and Christian are regulary given talks on open data and the like.

I've been using nordic examples of best pratice to advocate for open public data for a while and is really interested in efforts to open up voting/decision making data at local level. I'm in contact with different Danish council administrations. Links or references to similar efforts are warmly welcomed.

Idea for a Nordic project: To advocate for open voting data at council level and provide free open source tools in return.

If someone are planning to do anything in relation to the EP election, I'd be glad to hear about it and perhaps participate.




///////////////////////////////////////////    OKF Nordics session proposal for the OK Festival - submitted 2014.03.31    ////////////////////////////////////////

OKfestival proposal

First Name*: Miska
Last Name*: Knapek
E-mail Address*:
Organisation: Nordic OKF collaboration
Twitter account: @miskaknapek
Blog/ Personal Website: 
If your session will be co-facilitated with others, please note their names here
Antti Poikola , Christian Villum, Niels Erik Kaaber Rasmussen, Tryggvi Björgvinsson, Serdar Temiz, Svavar Kjarrval , Øystein Åsnes, Heather Broomfield, Veronica Bluguermann 
Stream*: Society
Session Title*:
Nordic OKF Meetup
Session description* Max 1000 characters: 
A chance to meet with people interested in building cross-Nordic OKF-related projects.
A cross-Nordic OKF collaboration is being built.  This is an informal opportunity to meet some people already involved in building cross-Nordic OKF collaborations, to network and investigate how cross-Nordic collaborations can be built. 
If you're interested in Nordic projects, or have an related thoughts, please come along. 
There'll be Nordic-collaboration satellite events parallel to the OK Festival, with more space for conversations. Come along to the meetup and find out about these too. 

Session motivation*  
To offer a space to network people interested in collaborating on open knowledge projects in the Nordic sphere.
The Nordic governmetns have since long pursued a policy of relative openness in governance and collaborating with one another. The concept of open knowledge seems a natural logical extension of this. We just have to make it real ;)
We've already established connections between the OKF people of the Nordic countries. Now's a good chance to meet in person and grow more collaborations.
Hopefully haivng an offical session at the OK Festival will attract those interested, but who've not heard of the collaboration yet.

Session outcomes*
To network and build ties between people interested in doing open knowledge related projects in the Nordic realm.
We've already established connections between the OKF people of the Nordic countries. Now's a good chance to meet in person and grow more collaborations.

How would the session be structured?* 
Open space networking, with facilitation.

How does your session contribute to OKFestival’s narrative and aims?*
It helps build a society of open knowledge interested people.

Is this session appropriate and interesting for a younger audience (under 18)?*:

Would you prefer to facilitate your session in a language other than English? If so, what language?:
English is fine.

Will your session involve physical movement?*:
Not particualrly. 

If so, how will you ensure that people with all levels of physical ability are able to participate?:

Please indicate if you'd like support from the staff in planning:
Thanks, we're ok - we're a bunch of facilitators :) 

---------------------------   Notes preceeding the 2014.03.05 call - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

2014.03.05 Call notes : are at the end of this note
What is the relation between "Call notes" and this general pad - where should I add ideas? ~apoikola
- Thanks/Sorry Antti, you've got better organisational skills. 
I'll just add the call notes to the end of this section and we'll keep the comments in this pad in the future. thanks for the advice. ~miskaknapek

The general background and idea regarding the hangout is that it would be good to establish some connections between the open data/knowledge interested people in the Nordic countries, so there's a bigger community and space for collaboration.

The Nordic countries have a history of collaboration across a fair number of fields - not in the least in the field of governmental openness.
Perhaps the spirit of collaboration could be extended into the open data/knowledge fields as well. Perhaps we could help generate and realise ideas of what Nordic governmental openness can look like in the age of open data/knowledge, as well as other matters open, including institutional, individual, societal, etc... matters.

(please list your google account)

Matters that could be good to discuss up during the call:
    ( Feel very welcome to comment and suggest yet further matters - we're *open* to suggestion, no less ;) 

Notes from the call itself - 2014.03.05 ; ->

(ps. the next call is on 2nd April 2014 )
( please use the original pad for planning notes : )


- Heather: 
    There'll be a Data Journalis event in May sometime.
    More details will be posted when it's been officially decided.

- Christian
        - Stathis : Heather, please shoot Stathis a note. Christian Can help ping Stathis.
        - Great plan that someone from civil society in .no takes a stand too. 
        - All .no initiators doesn’t need to be OKFN - others can be involved too. I.e. Øystein who's been involved in organising the Open Data Meetup in Oslo could help from a 
        - Could we collaborate on School of Data.

        - Goes to Stockholm to talk about open data.
                - Apparently the Swedes are really quite organised regarding open data. 
                ( The rest of us look forward to hearing more about the Swedes ;).
    - Some financial data getting opened soon in Iceland.

Miska :
For next time:

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////    end      ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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