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Participants: Juha, Markus Petteri, Antti, James T, Jaakko, Aleksi

Background about Open Civic Data -project

Some practical questions:

Next steps: What should be done now (Before Chile / Transparency Camp / Berlin)

OKfestival Proposal 

First Name*: Markus Petteri
Last Name*: Laine
E-mail Address*:
Organisation: Open Knowledge Foundation Finland
Twitter account: Patteri77 
Blog/ Personal Website: 
If your session will be co-facilitated with others, please note their names here
Antti "Jogi" Poikola,
James McKinney
Andrew Stott andrew [dot] stott [at] dirdigeng [dot] com 
Markus Petteri Laine,
K. Scott Hubli, NDI, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs,
Jaakko Korhonen,
Session Title*: Decisions API

Session description* Max 1000 characters

Global meeting of the key developers of Democracy Monitoring API's. The session aims at 
A) Survey of the Document Management Systems used for global public governance in order to understand better the information systems context we are working with
B) Working out and agreeing upon a global Decisions Data standard framework or choosing not to build a common standard, 
C) Drafting a roadmap for global proliferation of public governance decissions making API's.

Session motivation*  

Relevant search specific local Decisions data takes a lot of time and effort to find from the varying forms of non-machine readable documents. Even the decision makers themselves do not have a clear understanding of the causal relations leading to current Decision making agenda. The lack of shared memory in governance leads to frustration and repetitive work. In order for the democratic process to work, a democracy needs an enlightened electorate who can make fact based voting decisions. If the civil servants, journalists and media can not follow up on the chain of events leading to a public decision - no enlightened electorate can exist - if the electorate is not aware of the political development, the criteria of modern democracy is not met. Open Decisions session aims at bringing together global Decisions making API developers and users to troubleshoot and build common understanding of the developing information ecosystem enabling the development of second generation democracy monitoring applications.

Session outcomes*

A) Mapping the global public governance Document Management Systems in order to understand better the context we are participating in. 
B) Working out and agreeing upon a global Decisions Data standard framework or choosing not to build a common standard.
C) Drafting a roadmap for Global proliferation
D) Recognizing use cases and maturity levels for different API's

How would the session be structured?* 

* Short 5 min introductions of the current status by OKFFI, NDI and OpenCIvicData representatives
* Division to co-writing working groups A, B, and C.
* Delivery presentations 5 min each group + 5 min Q&A
* Wrap up and follow up procedure for year 2014

How does your session contribute to OKFestival’s narrative and aims?*

When launched the Open Decisions API alignement opens a whole variety of possibilities for new application developers who wish to utilize the decisions data.

Is this session appropriate and interesting for a younger audience (under 18)?*:

The session is appropriate for younger audiences, but it might prove to be quite advanced and hard to follow. 

Would you prefer to facilitate your session in a language other than English? If so, what language?:

Will your session involve physical movement?*:

    Forming working groups.

If so, how will you ensure that people with all levels of physical ability are able to participate?:

The session organizers would like to request a suitable venue for the event.

Please indicate if you'd like support from the staff in planning:

We need a big screen and three table groups.