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Opening: Jouni Lähteenmäki (OP Pohjola)

OKF Finland (Antti Poikola)

Ossi Kuittinen (OKF Finland)

KEYNOTE 1: Nils Torvalds

Ossi Kuittinen (OKF) again

KEYNOTE 2: William Heath
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MyDex slides:

What is the relationship

 What we should all do next 

Questions to WH (from online discussion)
» Is Quantified Self community and My Data community collaborating in UK?
I think safe answer is no. It's not intended as a criticism to say that the QS community is temperamentally ill-suited to a patient process of engagement with government. 

» Any examples of the actual users of the MyDex service currently?

» Why do you think that storing services and providing authentication  should be within the same service. Wouldn't decouple of these be good  idea and allow even more flexibility? Bank authentication and Mydex or  F-Secure My Data management service?

» Can there be multiple copies of the MyDex data? Can another company host and run compatible service?

» How much will it cost for  smaller service providers to integrate MyDex to their services? Are  there readymade API integration kits? Is the documentation openly  distributed on the web?

» Is voluntary data generation / explicit profiles enabled by trusted  relationship the silver bullet for My Data program? Sounds great, but  how to take the first step?

Live questions

Other online questions, let's ask William to respond to these!
15:42 » Is Mydex using a procol or client that you would consider mobile-compatible and still secure?
It's a web based service using secure APIs. We did a community prototype with a downloadable client; but changed the architecture as a result. We recognise the challenge of mobile security; of course most use will be on mobile devices. (UK GDS forecasts mobile will overtake PC based use of public service no Christmas Day 2014. 

15:42 » 7  contracts are not anything in the scale of Internet. You would need  tens of thousands or millions of large scale inputs to get commercially  viable data storage. Current version of the MyDex sounds technically  interesting, but sadly not yet viable alternative.
Of course this is one of several beginnings. We think a personal data ecosystem based on personal control over persoal data is desirable and inevitable outcome. Just which player will help deliver that at what scale remains to be seen. 
15:40 » My old dear aunt as an individual data controller, c'mon guys - show me the service and utility.
Even auntie, bless her, is entitled to services which are better designed, safer and easier to use than the digital services offered at present. We recognise from the outset that safer digital services have to be designed with the neediest in society in mind, not those who are most digitally adept. But also any sensible universal service provision committed to "digital by default" has to make provision for an "assisted digital" alternative channel. I dont believe this has been thought through carefully enough or articulated clearly enough, but that's a wider issue.  

15:39 » Technology  without actual users is not a solution. Most of the USA-based companies mostly don't care about protection of  the personal data, since it's the thing they create services from. We  can't change history.
You make three valid points. Mydex serves its community purpose only when the community uses it at scale; quite agree. The US-based companies lobbying Nils over data protection are indeed committed to a model based on an often unwarranted level of exploitation of personal data. The obvious rejoinder to We  can't change history is let us try in the present to affect the future :-)

15:35 » It might be wrong to think that no country is an island, but has Mydex considered scaling across Europe?
This is a global problem, It requires a diversity of interoperable global solutions. That said, you have to start somewhere. We've researched some European markets; we'd be very happy to have a representative to sell connections in Finland. 
15:34 » How do you handle requests from government(s) to see the data?
Mydex can't see the data, so we're unable to help. 
15:33 » What about personal information that is not permitted to be stored outside of Finland (or another country of creation)?
Hm. Is there such? Is it not an EU-wide thing?
15:33 » When you authorise someone to download yourdata from MyDex, do you just give them your password or is there any log on how they are using your data?
The Mydex member (ie the individual who holds the account) makes a connection to a service or app. They can then see what data is being shared and whether one-off or enduring. They can switch fields on and off. Of course, if you dont share the data required by the service provider then the service provider may not provide the service. There's ano technical oslution for that, but you can bring control and transparency to the process. 
15:32 » Legal protection to data is good thing, but creation of the service might not mean that commercial or gov service providers would start to use it.
15:32 » What do you think about the Estonian government driven Data Exchange programme known as "X-Road"?
It's a very advanced country, much admired in the UK (and there's a formal e-government collaboration in place) with a culture and hinterland that is very different from the UK. 
15:31 » Does currently any service provider report customer transaction data to the MyDex-profile?
As I said we are at the early stage of having contracted connections (some potentially at population scale) but these are not yet implemented by the organisations in question. 
15:31 » Isn't trust about transparency and establishing options? Can I easily change Mydex to some other service?
Yes of course .
15:29 » How to get data from Google/Facebook/Apple/etc. to MyDex? And should it be for that kind of storage?
Google, Facebook and Twitter offer "download my data" or "data liberation: options. So it's straightforward. 
15:29 » In Finland, the ID could be provided by the State (service bus). How do you see this?
Finland has a far higher level of trust than the UK. Processes are different, eg you do registration and have eg a register-based census. The UK is very different. I think the best position is to have a very competent government and a supicious population. Finland seems to me to have the first, and the UK has the second. 
15:28 » Everyday we give our data to Goole, Faebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon etc. to recieve handy services. Does it benefit our GDP? How to grow from users to producers?
Indeed (rhetorical question I take it?)
15:17 » Personal Data = Data, My Data = Policy / Program

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