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mozfest17_wikidata MozFest 2017 Wikidata submission


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Name: Antonin Delpeuch <>
Organisation: CAPSH ( ) and university of Oxford
Twitter handle: @pintoch
GitHub handle: @wetneb
Additional facilitators:

What space do you feel your session will best contribute to?
    Open innovation

Is there an alternate space your session could contribute to?
    Digital inclusion

Session name:
    Introduction to Wikidata, the free knowledge base anyone can edit

What will happen in your session? (max 120 words)

Without assuming any familiarity with the Wikimedia universe, we will give a hands-on tour of Wikidata. The initial spark will be a question, such as "Which composers were born close to where I live?", which is not easily answered by a web search. This will motivate the need for a knowledge base, and will initiate the exploration of how Wikidata stores facts. Our inital question will be answered by Wikidata, and we will invite the audience to explore variations of this question. Along the way, we will show how they can edit items and how the data is being used on Wikipedia.

What is the goal or outcome of your session? (max 120 words)

Our goal is that at the end of the session, the audience understands why Wikidata is useful and how to contribute to it. We expect that a few participants will do their first edit during the session (for instance on their phone). We would really like to generate enthusiasm around Wikidata as a large-scale disinterested data sharing project, at the center of the open knowledge movement.
We will adapt the degree of technicality of our session to the tech-savviness of the audience.

After the festival, how will you and your participants take the learning and activities forward? (max 120 words)

We will create an on-wiki page summing up the material covered in the session. Participants will be able to leave their Wikimedia username there, and keep interacting with the group after the session (for instance to ask questions). We will advertise the local Wikimedia meetups and online spaces where they can engage further with the project.

How much time will you need?

60 min?

How will you deal with varying numbers of participants in your session? What if 30 participants attend? What if there are 3? (max 120 words)

If 30 participants attend, the session will be more of the form of an interactive presentation, where we will showcase Wikidata with a broad spectrum of applications in mind.
If 3 participants attend, we will sit down with them and guide them in their first steps on Wikidata, possibly on their own device, and show them example applications based on their own interests.

Would you like to deliver this session bilingually in one of the following languages?
    Let's keep it in English

Do you require a travel stipend?

If your session requires additional materials or electronic equipment, please outline your needs:
    No particular need