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igcmg-dec2015 Indie Game Meetup Graz -  16.12.2015

An open for everyone gathering of people interested in games & game development.
Come and show your games, prototypes, and concepts to playtest and get feedback.
Share gamedev related knowledge & ideas so we can discuss them and learn from it.
Hang out and chat about your favorite games, meet new people, and have fun!

When: Wednesday, 16.12.2015, 20:00
Where: Spektral, Lendkai 45 / A-8020 Graz

Last meetup pad:

There's a projector just waiting to be used for talks and presentations.
Feel free to bring snacks and refreshments, just in case we don't have any.

Topics / Sessions 
- der liebe Stefan spielt ein schönes gefühlvolles Weihnachtslied auf seiner Maultrommel
- Notorious Indie Half Hour 
- Weather-based Scavenger Hunt, Lukas Krisper -> Mobile game 
- Heroes on Earth (working title), Dominik Widnig --> A location based RPG
- Projekt "Magellan", Lorenz --> TUG, multi-device VR

- Analog Game Jam Demos + Playing !!
   - Weltherrschaft aka The World Shall Be Mine
   - Black Santa
   - Weihnachtswahnsinn aka DWT

Weihnachtsfeier :)