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consent-S1 Consent is as much of transparency as it is about control. This is a two-part workshop targeted for the experts in the field. First part includes presentations of state-of-the-art consent solutions and in the second part we go into interactive mode to produce practical recommendations on “making consent work” around different areas, namely: Omnichannel Businesses, Digital Advertising, Artificial Intelligence and Sharing Data for Research.

PART 1 (13:30 – 15:00) Presentation style
In the first part of the workshop three real implemented approach on making consent work are presented as food for thought for the workshop participants.

PART 2 (15:30 – 17:30) Interactive Un-conference style
Second part of the workshop is solution oriented and intensive two-hour session with the aim of going deeper to specific areas where consenting methods need to be applied and working out the specifics on how consenting can be made practical, meaningful and transparent in those areas. After hearing the introductions to the areas in form of a lightning-round the participants may choose one of the four areas to get involved in productive discussions. The workshop will be documented and facilitated professionally to get the best outcomes.

Wrap-up: what is common solutions for making consent work and what are the demoin specific differences between the four areas.