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@JoeyPrink (Johanna,

Session Dokumentation gamedev session of opencamp by Johanna 

Game Development to unite designers, artists, programmers, audio engineers, industrials, students, humanists, ................

Indie Game Meetups (Vorbeikommen!!) 
- 1x per Month 

Game Jams (Mitmachen!! - 48 hours of awesomeness ) 
- (3-5 July at TU Graz)
- (Every Januar )
- (May, organized by EYA)

My TU Graz Course on Game Design and Development + List of cool Videos & Readings 

Unity Development: 
    - I
    - Cool tutorial:  
    - MS Game developed with Unity: 
    - Unity Tutorials: 

Learn to code (You can learn everything ;-) ): 

Other Links:
    - Monument Valley Development Costs: 
    - Great Video: How to be a game designer: