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WP__how_to_review_the_lit How to review the lit for a WP entry (see bottom right corner for a chat)

let's list a couple of ideas on 
- A. how best to proceed (make up your mind in view of a contested space - Wikipedia)
- B. what to look for
- C. how to phrase and present it
- D. how to link to the source
- ...

- A. how best to proceed

  - clarify for yourself what motivates you to contribute to (or create) this article in particular
  - review your motivation in the light of an imaginary perspective that is more or less opposing yours
  - figure out why you would still want to write about this topic (strengthen your own motivation and prepare yourself for immediate criticism)

- B. what to look for

  - see if you can make out a mainstream view on your topic (i.e. a standpoint that you would consider to be mainstream)
  - check if you can verify that this view is seen as being mainstream by others, too
  - if not, just keep going and check out the lit you find relevant, then group the files in relation to 'mainstream'

- C. how to phrase and present the chosen lit

  - present the material in a balanced manner
  - you might give the 'mainstream' view more space than any of the alternatives but it is no must
  - there is no need to identify 'mainstream' in your presentation so as to talk about this it explicit terms
  - any position that in your view is notable deserves some space an pro an con can make good reading and be informative at the same time

- D. how to link to the source

  - if the source is OA, put the link behind the title and add the OA icon
  - do not put any links if the item is not OA; any links to paywalled lit are tabou.