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Transparent_Cities We will be sharing notes from flip-charts soon. Share your notes here also...

Facilitators,  please ensure you have arranged for someone to take notes during your  session. We encourage you to make the most of the etherpad. Use it to  share documents/ resources/links before the event, to take note of the  work done during the session, and to follow up with plans for the next  steps afterward the session and after the festival.


## Facilitator Contact Details

## Title of your session + link to Sched page

## Your session hashtag
For your session’s Twitter hashtag (,  we suggest that you use #OKFest then add a short word or abbreviation  after it to create a hashtag that’s unique to your session. So, for  example, if you’re running a session on open access, your hashtag might  be #OKFestOA. This will make it easier for people to follow along online  and also to collect the conversations afterwards in e.g. Storify (

## Participants: pre-event, to get in touch with each other (feel free to add your Twitter handle)

## Agenda + pre-festival materials, resources, instructions

## Participants - name, contact (if you want to leave it), number of attendees

## Notes from the session


## What did you learn and/or make?

## How/what could you teach others?