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## Facilitator Contact Details

Mor Rubinstein (@Morchickit)
Andrew Stott (@DirDigEng‎)
Daniel Dietrich (@ddie)
## Title: Open Government Data updates from around the world

Wednesday July 16, 2014 12:00 - 13:00 
Room P1 (Kulturbrauerei)

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## Agenda + pre-festival materials, resources, instructions

Description: "A session with short and snappy statements from pioneers, experts and activists from around the world on the state-of-play of Open Government Data from their countries. These updates will highlight stories of success and failure and reveal current issues and trends from the global open data community. This interactive session will be lead by an interviewer. Each participant will have 2 minutes and 1 slide. These updates will be followed by a short panel discussion with your all-star-cast of open data gurus who will comment on the updates and trends."

## Participants / Contributors

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Sequence: 1
Status: Confirmed
Name: Charalampos Bratsas
Mail: charalampos.bratsas [at]
Twitter: @bratsas
City: Athens & Thessaloniki
Country: Greece
Story: Open Government Data in Greek Municipalities & open data census in 10 greek cities  
Sequence: 2
Status: Confirmed
Name: Tomoaki Watanabe
Mail: Tomoaki.watanabe [at]
Twitter: @tomo_wt
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Story: Beta-launch of OD portal with a CC-BY license; municipal data catalogues; so many cities joining IODD; licensing web sites govt-wide.

slide now available at:
Sequence: 3
Status: Confirmed
Name: Fabrizio Scrollini
Mail: fabrizio.scrollini [at]
Twitter: @fscrollini 
City: Montevideo
Country: Uruguay
Story: OGP creates momentum for new Open Data Guidelines. CKAN, DDJ and OD Community growing
Sequence: 4
Status: Confirmed
Name: Feng Gao
Mail: gaofeng860918 [at]
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Story: Three beta OD portals but all without open license. No national policy but much stronger voices calling for open data both inside and outside gov.
Sequence: 5
Status: Confirmed
Name: Omenogo Veronica Mejabi
Mail: ovmejabi [at]
Twitter: @ovm2011
Country: Nigeria
Story: An unfolding picture of the Open Government Data scene in Nigeria 
Sequence: 6
Status: Confirmed
Name: Antti Poikola
Mail: antti.poikola [at]
Twitter: @apoikola
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Story: TBC - many possible topics, have to choose carefully
Sequence: 7
Status: Confirmed
Name: Everton Zanella Alvarenga
Mail: tom [at]
City: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Story: Brazilian National Open Data Infrastruture will define guideline  about data licensing
Sequence: 8
 Status: Confirmed
Name: Laure Lucchesi  
Mail: laure.lucchesi [at]
Twitter: @laurelucchesi
City: Paris
Country: France
Story: The OpenGov and OpenData latest innovations in France: open social data, Chief Data Officer, and OGP agenda
Sequence: 9
Status: Confirmed
Name: Samuel Azoulay / Samuel Goeta
Mail: samgoeta [at]; [at]
Twitter: @Sam_azl/@samgoeta
City: Paris
Country: France
Story: TBC one or 2 month ahead

Status: Confirmed
Name: Laure Lucchesi  
Mail: laure.lucchesi [at]
Twitter: @laurelucchesi
City: Paris
Country: France
Story: The OpenGov and OpenData latest innovations in France: open social data, Chief Data Officer, and OGP agenda
Sequence: 10
Status: Not confirmed
Name: Gabe Baleos / Ivy Ong / Gia Banaag / Smile Indias (presenter to be determined soon)
Mail: gjdbaleos.dbm [at]
City: Manila
Country: Philippines
Story: Journey of Open Data Philippines ( since Apr 2013 until its recent launch in Jan 2014 (and Action Plan)
Sequence: 11
Status: Confirmed
Name: Leo Mutuku & Anne Muigai / Simeon Oriko
Mail: leo [at]; anne [at]; simeon [at]
Twitter: @eebiejeebiez; @C_Leo_patra; @mtotowajirani
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Story: Is Open Data in Kenya dead? Not really, but it needs a lot of work! & Open Citizens  - How offline grassroots communities in Kenya are using Open Data
Sequence: 12
Status: Confirmed
Name: Andra Bucur
Mail: andra.bucur [at] 
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Story: How to engage civil society from all over the country in the drafting of public policies and in the reuse of open data? Does a co-chair initiative, civil society and government, actually work?
Sequence: 13
Status: Confirmed
Name: Soohyun Pae / Seunghoon Jang
Mail: soohyun [at]
Twitter: @dreamdrawing
City: Seoul
Country: Republic of Korea
Story: OD policy & citizen movement in Korea
Sequence: 14
Status: Confirmed
Name: Francesca De Chiara & Luigi Reggi 
Mail: francesca.dechiara [at]; luigi.reggi [at]
Twitter: @okfnitaly; @Lebowskiana; @luigireggi
City: Trento & Rome
Country: Italy 
Story: Open Data Policy in Italy: a real progress? & Open Data to fight corruption and misuse of public funding in Italy through citizen monitoring of EU projects
Sequence: 15
Status: Confirmed
Name: Sumandro Chattapadhyay
Mail: mail [at]
Twitter: @ajantriks
City: New Delhi
Country: India
Story: Open Government Data Platform and Diverse Practices of Accessing Government Data in India
Sequence: 16
Status: Confirmed
Name: Ania Calderon
Mail: ania.calderon [at]
Twitter: @aniacalderon
City: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
Story: Delivery as strategy in the Mexican Open Data Policy: The Open Data Squad, its results and impacts for the future of open data in Mexico
Sequence: 17
Status: Confirmed
Name: Martín Szyszlican
Mail: martinsz [at]
Twitter: @martinszy @congresointerac
City: Buenos AIres
Country: Argentina
Story: Congreso Interactivo
Sequence: 18
Status: Confirmed
Name: Denis Gursky
Mail: denis.gursky [at]
Country: Ukraine
Sequence: 19
Status: Confirmed
Name: Ashley Casovan
Mail: Ashley.Casovan [at]
Country: Canada
Sequence: 20
Status: Confirmed
Name: Karolina Wysocka
Mail: karolina.wysocka [at]
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Sequence: 21
Status: Confirmed
Name: Natalia Carfi
Mail: ncarfi [at]
Twitter: @naticarfi
City: Santiago
Country: Chile
Story: Open public data, next steps to work on data quality. 
Sequence: 22
Status: Confirmed
Name: Shevy Korzen
Mail: (not given)
Country: Israel
Sequence: 23
Name: Varun Baker
Mail: varun [at]
Twitter: @varunbaker
City: Kingston
Country: Jamaica
Story: open data and open data policy in the Caribbean
Sequence: 24
Status: Confirmed
Name: Fahmi Islami
Mail: fahmiislami [at]
Country: Indonesia
Sequence: 25
Status: Confirmed
Name: Timothy Vollmer
Mail: tvol [at]
Twitter: @tvol
City: San Francisco
Country: United States
Story: City open data policies exploding, state and federal stagnating, all need better focus on legal aspects of re-use.  
Sequence: 26
Status: Confirmed
Name: Sheba Najmi
Mail: sheba [at]
Twitter: @snajmi
Country: Pakistan
Story: Opening up governance in Pakistan's most troubled province
Sequence: 27
Status: Confirmed
Name: Rayna Stamboliyska
Mail: [at]
Twitter: @MaliciaRoguekkkk 
City: Paris
Country: MENA
Story: Open governance in the MENA region
Sequence: 28
Status: Confirmed
Name: Tarek Amr
Mail: tarekamr [at]
Country: Egypt

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## Notes from the session

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