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Background – MozFest session
Team (staff) members from the Open Knowledge Foundation, Wikimedia UK, Mozilla, Creative Commons worked together on a session at MozFest 2013.
Topic of the session: bring together various organisations working in the open space to discuss ideas and possibilities for collaboration. There's so much that can be done, but how shall we do it? What do we want to achieve?
Notes here:

Who was involved:

After the session

People who have been invited by the original session organizers to join the post-session e-mail thread to discuss about next steps:

Current Status
Shared goals emerged from the first joint session and following e-mail thread.

ACTION 1: identify goals and success metrics of the group

ACTION 2: plan together the offline/online event for community coords from different orgs

Who's in to plan and join:
Guidelines (please add your ideas):

Proposals for the agenda of the event

Potential venues (please indicate venue, city, number of rooms, capacity, cost or free of charge?)

Potential dates (please indicate if any day in March and April is absolutely out of discussion for you)

    Update from 12 December
Wikimedia UK has agreed to fund a project to develop this work. A job description will be collaboratively created at (link to follow later) and all are welcome to help create this. Having a person whose role it is to focus on this for all our benefit will really help. Recruitment for the position will begin in January and the details will be shared with the group so it can be forwarded on to our relevant communities. Extension or match funding for this project is also especially welcomed! This will allow the project to continue beyond the original six months

Project role description
Role title: Open Coalition Project Manager <--- is "manager" the best title for this? reply: I'm not precious about the title, happy for it to be changed, but it makes the role more attractive. Happy to change if there's a preferred alternative
Reporting to: Head of External Relations 
Salary: £26,000 pa (pro rata)
14 hours per week for six months (with the potential to extend, depending on funding)
Benefits: 25 days annual leave (pro rata) plus bank holidays, stakeholder pension
Location: London / Flexible (remote working possible)

About the project
This project has been initially funded by Wikimedia UK and will support the development of a stronger network of organisations working in the areas of open knowledge and open access. The appointed person will be working to develop this network on behalf of all related organisations and they will have input into the work. However, the post will be directly managed by Wikimedia UK.

To do this, the Open Coalition Project Manager will need to:

Key responsibilities

Management duties

Project Management

Person Specification


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

==Update from Stevie, 6 February==

Very pleased to report that we received ten applications for the position. These are currently being shortlisted by Katelyn, Jane and Stevie. The applications were of a very high standard and we should get someone excellent for the position.

==Update on 7 March==

A shortlist of five candidates has now been agreed for the position. It was difficult to make a choice but we are now in the process of pinning down dates for the interviews. Please also help us to create a set of interview questions to put to the candidates. 

===Interview questions===