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Welcome to the OKStory Team Etherpad. 
We are attending and sharing stories from OKfestival #okfest14

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We will collect all the headlines for OKFestival here

About the Storytelling Team

Storytelling for OKFEST [edit] Storytelling Channels
We'll all be sharing stories, content and updates via many channels.  

Here's a quick cheat sheet for Storytelling Channel
 Type of Communication/Media Format  Location  How to  
 1. Tweet at @okfestival to have something RTed.  2. Use the hashtag  #okfest14 3. #OKFestHelp if you need help 4. hashtags per session  created  
 Facebook Add a note or cross-post to the community pages - tag your status with #OKFest14
G+ 1. Add a note or cross-post an item to the Open Knowledge G+ page. 2. Tag it as #okfest14  

Video tag video with #OKFest14  

Flickr Tag photos with #okfest14  

Etherpads These notes should be linked to the OKfestival website. See how to add them to the wiki below 

Blogging  your blog site  simply tweet us at #okfest14 so that we can aggregate it  

Aggregation  Storify Join and be sure to share links via the various hashtags #OKFest14, make sure you tweet @OKFestival with the link  

Wiki Use the [[Category:OKFest14]] as category try to put pages beneath the OKFestival page Anything else?  Tweet us at @OKFestival and let us know about what you are doing! 

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