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29 January 2014
Montreal, Canada @ IATI Technical Advisory Group meeting
Interaction: in person, and on the open-development mailing list prior to the meeting
Number of attendees: 20 approx
Format: circle
Topics discussed: coordinating global meetings from our various networks with OKFestival to ensure diverse international attendance; connecting with other 'open' communities at the festival, eg. open sustainability, open hardware; continuing the Open Development debate series which began at the Open for change development camp last November in Amsterdam; collaborating on our proposals, once the Call for Proposals goes up - creating an online space for us to communicate. 
Link to the etherpad for the meetup (with more details):

29 December 2013
Hamburg, Germany @ Chaos Computer Congress
Interaction: in person & tweets
Number of attendees: 70
Format: circle round-up

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The Open Knowledge Foundation is a worldwide network of people passionate about openness, using advocacy, technology and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it to create and share knowledge.
We believe knowledge can empower everyone, enabling people to work together to tackle local and global challenges, understand our world, expose inefficiency and challenge inequality and hold governments to account.
We believe in diversity: epistemic, geographic, socio-demographic, of language and gender.

At the Open Knowledge Foundation we do awesome stuff with open data and open knowledge. We run data expeditions all around the world, support the work of transparency activists from Uruguay to India (and yes, Germany too), push governments to open up (in a machine readable fashion please) and be accountable, track countries' spending movements, run a praised curated review of awesome public domain (art)works and more. And what's awesome about this? We do it together with a huge worldwide community and everyone can join!

And even more than this: we run a huge festival every second year, next time happening in 2014 in Berlin – the Open Knowledge Festival (July 15-18, save the date!). 4 days of participatory and hands-on sessions, hacks, installations and parties, owned by all the open communities and projects which will shape its agenda. Keywords: inclusivity, diversity, community, action.

You want:
- know more about the Open Knowledge Foundation & projects you'd like to join
- get your hands on data and knowledge still to be opened up
- hold your national or local governance to account
- challenge inequality
- co-create the goals at the root of the Open Knowledge Festival, the event from and for the global open communities.

So if you're into open, community powered amazingness, inclusivity and great gatherings (well, you're at 30C3, you're likely to be into those) – JOIN US!

Contact: Beatrice @beatricemartini

21 November 2013
Berlin, Germany @ SuperMarkt

Interaction: in person + online (one speed geeking presenter, Katelyn Rogers, was talking via Skype video call – talking with her table via speakers and also projected on wall)
Number of attendees: 78 (women: 40%)
Format: speed geeking night. Each project will have a table with chairs around and the audience will take turns and sit/ talk with each project's point person (average time slot before switching to the next table: 5 minutes!). More about the format at
List of projects discussed at the event:

List of ideas came up during the event:
Post-event materials: Quote: "Note: The room was full of women \o/ !"