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Title: Open Government Data updates from around the world

Description: A session with short and snappy statements from pioneers, experts and activists from around the world on the state-of-play of Open Government Data from their countries. These updates will highlight stories of success and failure and reveal current issues and trends from the global open data community. This interactive session will be lead by an interviewer. Each participant will have 2 minutes and 1 slide. These updates will be followed by a short panel discussion with your all-star-cast of open data gurus who will comment on the updates and trends.

If you are interested to be part of this, please and add your details until 30th March to the pad!

The session will be facilitated by Mor Rubinstein (@Morchickit), Andrew Stott (@DirDigEng‎) and Daniel Dietrich (@ddie). We will select the ten most outstanding candidates aiming to draw a mosaic but comprehensive picture. Please note that we can only select (UPDATE!) 20 candidates form 20 countries, so be snappy with your description! Once we have selected 10 candidates we will follow up with them.