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NPSIG_virtual_business_meeting_November_2013 6th virtual NPSIG business meeting

moderation: Bridgette, Molly, Sebastian


welcome, introduce Molly & Bridgette again (5 min)


newlibgc October edition (Loida, 5 min)
IFLAcamp² (Sebastian, Bridgette, 5 min)
WLIC 2013 (10 min)
- presentations at leadership briefs (Sebastian)
- newlibgc session (Molly):
Library 2.013 (Bridgette, 10 min): Recording can be found at

plans for upcoming events

presentation at Italian Library Congress (Sebastian, 5 min)
Bobcatsss 2014 (Sebastian, 5 min)
- NPSIG workshop, help on-site?
ALA Midwinter (Molly, 5 min):
IFLAcampLab 2014 (Vlad, 5 min)
IFLAcamp 2014 (Molly, 10 min)
- introduce hackathon approach:
IFLA 2014 (10 min)
- joint session with Education and Training Section (Sebastian)
- NPSIG anniversary reception (Molly)

Virtual Conference Redux 2013 (Sebastian, 15 min)
- December 19, 7 pm Euro time, 1-4 pm EST
- Call for short presentations, any volunteers already?

next virtual meeting
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