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NPSIG_Virtual_Business_Meeting_2016 9th  NPSIG Business Meeting

Date: Saturday April 30th, 2016

10am EST UTC-5 (New York)
1pm UTC-2 (Rio de Janeiro)
3pm GMT UTC (London)
4pm CET UTC+1 (Berlin)
12am UTC+9 (Tokyo)
2am EST (Sydney, next day)
--check your time zone here:,120,cn3

Moderators: Maria Violeta, Milan, Antoine & Katia

Meeting link: 

Welcome (2.5 min)
Presentations (5 min)
NPSIG Action plan 2015-16 overview and annual report (20 min) 
Upcoming events (10 min)
Other announcements, past/upcoming events, proposals, volunteers (20 min)
Closure (2.5 min)

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8th NPSIG Business Meeting minutes: