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Money,_Politics_and_Transparency MONEY POLITICS TRANSPARENCY

Thursday, July 17, 2014  12:00-13:00

Júlia Keserű (Sunlight Foundation), @jkeserue
Lisa Rosenberg (Sunlight Foundation),, Twitter @Sunlightonhill
Alan Hudson (Global Integrity),, @alanhudson1


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Political finance transparency is crucial to understanding the influence agenda in a country, to prevent or curtail violations of political finance laws, to uncover potential conflicts of interests and to determine whether changes to a country’s system of political financing are required.
The Sunlight Foundation, Global Integrity and the Electoral Integrity Project launched Money, Politics and Transparency to collect evidence around the issue and create momentum for a change.
Besides gathering data and blogging extensively about national level reform efforts, our goal is also to build a global community that will use that new information to identify possible norms to guide future political finance transparency efforts.
During the session at OKFestival, we want to hear about the potential challenges in different political finance disclosure regimes, and to be able to come up with potential solutions/next steps for this important, controversial and highly under-regulated area. Our interactive workshop will introduce transparency projects and technology tools that help uncover the influence of money on politics and identify possible global norms to guide future political finance transparency efforts.

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