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Links for Software:

If you go with a software that is out of the box you may not be able to edit it. It sounds like you want this for your thesis, so you will most likely have to introduce some novelty to the system. All of the items mentioned here are generally open source and free. A good baseline system would be to:
1. Extract the faces with Viola and Jones (out of the box from OpenCV)
2. Align the faces with ASM (available as iBug tracker)
3. Extract some features using the ASM points or local binary patterns (download from Google)
4. Then apply a machine learning algorithm. (WEKA)
There is a plethora of publicly available data to get started. EDIT: Data sets are JAFFE, CK+, MMI, MPLAB's Genki
Good luck,
Albert Cruz, Ph.D.



Emotions during the science hack day 2016. 
We want to provoque an uncontroled emotional reaction. Meaning, we don't want to provoque happiness/sadness/fear/disgust/sourprise in porpouse.

We are going to write: "How is your hack going?" in a screen (e.g, ipad), we will ask the participants (or only one participant) of each team to read the question for themselfs. 
We will capute the facial expresion as a reaction to the screened question, with a camara (we will film their reaction). 
We will take that reaction as a data for analyzng the emotions on the hack a day.

See u guys around 10-10:30am tomorrow sunday :) cheers for an amazing team job today! !!! 

APOLOGIES TEAM! i am super late :/