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Humanitarian_OpenStreetMap_mapping_workshop Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Mapping Workshop

Session Lead: Katie Filbert
Date:   Wednesday, July 16 •    16:30 - 17:30 CEST
Location: Space S4(Kulturbrauerei)

## Facilitator Contact Details
Katie Filbert

About HOT:
    HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) supports OpenStreetMap mapping efforts for disasters and other humanitarian situations and helps coordinate / connect with other organizations that need mapping assistance.
   HOT efforts made a significant impact supporting earthquake relief in Haiti in 2010. Launched in January 2009 and incorporated in August 2010 as a U.S. based 501c(3) non-profit organization, its mission is to apply the principles of open source and open data sharing towards humanitarian response and economic development.

## Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Mapping Workshop +


## Participants


## Agenda + pre-festival materials, resources, instructions

    1. Introduce the session - Heather 
    2. brief introduction to OSM (who has heard of OSM? if yes, shorter, if not a bit more) and about HOT, current activations and the task(s) 
    3. short demo of working on a task (on projector, ~10 min)
    4. then smallish groups or individually, people can work on a task with experienced OSM people to help (main part of the session, at least 30 min ideally)
    5. how to get involved with tasks / be informed about HOT
    Maybe have a small handout that we can give that has the links? (Katie can print them, black and white probably)
What about this?
basically it's this page:
in a more printer-friendly format!

Feel free to improve it!

What to Bring:
 What to prepare
    If you are an experienced mapper, you are welcome to download JOSM. We would also love it if you could train others in the room during our hands on section.
    If you are new to OSM, don't worry. There is an amazing tool called ID which is easy to use. We will show you how!

Key Resources:

## Participants - name, contact (if you want to leave it), number of attendees

## Notes from the session

blog post 


## What did you learn and/or make?

## How/what could you teach others?