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How_To_Teach_Open_Data How to Teach Open Data

Are you passionate about teaching data and tech? Are you striving to  support a community of data teachers and learners? Are you keen to  exchange experiences with other professionals in the field of teaching  data? Then this is the right session for you.
Join us for a  conversation about standards and methodologies for data teaching with  School of Data, Peer to Peer University and Open Tech School. 

  1. How to organise tech and data workshops
  2. Building effective curriculum and accreditation 
  3. Type of education activities: a blended offline, online 
  4. Designing passion driven communities

1. How to organise tech and data workshops

Robert Lehmann, Open Tech School

Emma Prest, DataKind UK

Key lessons learned about the topic:


Key resources:


2. Building effective curriculum and accreditation

3. Type of education activities: a blended offline, online 

Adolfo Antón Bravo (@adolflow
Karma Peiró (@kpeiro

Introduction, 1' 
Hello everybody, we are very exciting to wellcome you to the table  "Type of education activities, a blended offline-online experience". 
We are Karma Peiró (@kpeiro) and Adolfo Antón Bravo (@adolflow) from OKF Spain.  
We are organizing several activities mainly in Madrid and Barcelona  since 2011 but also in other cities as Iruña/Pamplona, Donostia/San  Sebastián, León, Sevilla, Valladolid or Almería. 

Share key lessons learned about the topic 5' 
Our main activity is offline although we use some tools to spread the  message by the network and we are planning e-learning activities. 

Communication tools 
Even online activities are a good way to make everybody participant  in the session, there is nothing like offline sessions to feel how  people get in touch, share its experiences and work together. 
So we think we must keep some kind of offline activiy although as the  community get older and know more about the topics we discuss people get  busy. In this case you to reach new people in order to keep the group  alive. 

Type of events 

What we have learned with our different types of offline training? 


Monthly Sessions 
During the monthly DDJ sessions- Mainly local experts and projects 

Production workshops 
Main goal: to publish a story in a local newspaper 

Data expedition 

MOOC+ presencial group 

Key Resources

Our activities 



4. Designing passion driven communities