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Exploding_Open_Science This etherpad has been created to help you to get the most of this  session; to start and share the conversation before the festival, to  document it during the festival and to spread the word about the  outcomes after OKFestival. We've provided a template which we hope will help you to get started,  but please feel free to change it to better suit your needs.

Facilitators,  please ensure you have arranged for someone to take notes during your  session. We encourage you to make the most of the etherpad. Use it to  share documents/ resources/links before the event, to take note of the  work done during the session, and to follow up with plans for the next  steps afterward the session and after the festival.


## Tasks
Contact organizers about overlap with Sophie
Contact Sophie about whether she's going and what about the overlap
Ask about flipchart and pencils

## Facilitator Contact Details
Ale Abdo - -

## Title of your session + link to Sched page

## Your session hashtag

## Participants: pre-event, to get in touch with each other (feel free to add your Twitter handle)

## Agenda + pre-festival materials, resources, instructions

First  What is Open Science?

Invite people who have great experiences

Generic strategies, basic approaches people can share

How will it work?

Clarify categories:

Awareness - what message works where, what channels work

Training - training and tutoring

Funding - mobilizing local institutions

Warm up examples (inspirational only, not session material!!)

## Participants - name, contact (if you want to leave it), number of attendees

## Notes from the session


## What did you learn and/or make?

## How/what could you teach others?