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CryptoParty_Helsinki CryptoParty - Helsinki

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Friday, February 19th
Caloniuksenkatu 9D 64 00100 Helsinki
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Workshops (if anyone is interested)



Guiding principles
CryptoParty is a decentralized, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography 
programs and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public. CryptoParties are

Again, everybody who agrees to these principles is invited. It would be nice if you 
know how to turn on your computer (although not required) – and bring it with you.

Be excellent to each other is a guiding principle of CryptoParty. Wikipedia uses a somewhat similar rule, 
which they call “the fundamental rule of all social spaces. Every other policy for getting along is a special
case of it.” Unlike Wikipedia, CryptoParty takes a positive approach, and avoids the practice of officially
enumerating the myriad potential special cases; “be excellent” is enough.

Doing excellent stuff at CryptoParty does not require permission or an official consensus decision.  If you're 
uncertain about the excellence of something you want to do, you should ask someone else what they think.

Sudo leadership
Leadership is taken by individuals for specific projects. This is called “sudo leadership” after the *nix command
sudo which allows a regular user to do one root-level, or superuser, task. In other words, if you want CryptoParty
to do something, start doing it. At times someone may take sudo leadership to take a tutorial, fix the Wi-Fi, update
the wiki, or organise the next CryptoParty.

No harassment
CryptoParty is dedicated to providing a harassment-free sharing experience for everyone, regardless of gender, 
sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion or technical ability. Harassment includes

If you are asked to stop any harassing behavior you are expected to do so immediately. Participants who violate
the anti-harassment policy will be asked to leave, and may be permanently barred from attending future events.

As simple as possible
Cryptoparties try to bring crypto to the masses. Examples can't be too low-tech. Our focus is the attendant with only
very basic computer skills, but geeks'n'nerds are very invited, as well. In the end, the visitors should go home with a
 running crypto toolset on their devices. There is no clear distinction between teacher and pupil. Whenever you think
 you can do something useful for others, simply do it. There are people who even don't know what “encryption”, 
 "public key" or “hash/fingerprint” means. Don't laugh at them, they know other things better than you instead. Don't 
 tire your audience with lengthy explanations. Make sure they really understand you. Encourage them to ask 
 questions. If they don't get it, it's you who failed, not them.

Why encrypt?

End-to-end encrypted email

End-to-end encrypted chat / VoIP with computers

End-to-end encrypted instant messaging with smartphones

End-to-end encrypted video conferencing

End-to-end encrypted VoIP with smartphones

File sharing



Full Disk Encryption

What is encryption

Why do we need encryption in Finland?

I have nothing to hide

            no different than saying you don't  care about free speech because you have nothing to say"

So many apps, what should I use?


Crypto Extras

Upcoming conferences

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