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Building_Diversity_Wikimania2014 Gender and Beyond: Building Diversity in the Digital Space
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This etherpad has been created to help you to get the most of this  session; to document the workshop during Wikimania and to spread the word about the  outcomes after the event. We've provided a template which we hope will help you to get started, but please feel free to change it to better suit your needs.

## Facilitators Contact Details


## Participants - name, contact (if you want to leave it)

## Notes from the session

Each group should discuss 3 key points, to be documented during the workshop on the sessions etherpad and presented to the whole group at the end of the session.
Discussion Topics: 

  1. Global Community Processes (e.g. when an org has a central core team and many regional groups) 
  2. Cultural diversity (language, religion, society structures, communications policy)
  3. Gender diversity
  4. Age diversity
  5. Accessibility and Disabilities


    After the session, we will collect all the ideas that have been shared in the etherpad, invite others to contribute their ideas and being the process of collaboratively developing a toolkit and best practice guide to building inclusive and diverse open communities. 

    ## What did you learn and/or make?

    ## How/what could you teach others?

    Notes for Blog Post and Follow Up: 
      Notes and Qoutes: 
    "We need to think outside our own technologies" said one participant in our Building Diversity Beyond Gender Session that we organised at Wikimania 2014 in London.  In only 45 minutes we challenged Wikimania attendees to identify the challenge, gather available resrouces and lay out some suggestions for building diversity categories. Here is a recap of the session, our plans for the future and some ways that you can get involved to help us build diverse and inclusive online communities. 

    45 minutes was far from enough time to really begin solving the issues at hand. Diversity in communities is